Matt Nagy will see plenty of preseason reps before picking Foles or Trubisky

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Bears coach Matt Nagy indicated that preseason play will be of utmost importance in Chicago’s quarterback competition.

Nagy said he’ll get a long look at both Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky playing live snaps with the first-string offense before he decides which one of them will start in Week One.

Preseason games, reps, playing more, creating more reps,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Having both those quarterbacks play with the same wide receivers and tight ends against the same defenses — that’s going to be important. I do believe it’ll naturally happen. I feel good about that. We have a good plan. And they understand it.”

Nagy has previously said he regretted holding the starters out of the preseason last year. This year, the preseason may be the determining factor as Nagy decides whether to put Trubisky or Foles under center when the games count for real.

7 responses to “Matt Nagy will see plenty of preseason reps before picking Foles or Trubisky

  1. Will he be kneeling on the sidelines when he watches who will loose more games for the Bears?

  2. Mitchell Trubisky, QB1, Chicago Bears. Go Bears, Go Mitchell Trubisky!!

  3. Foles isn’t an upgrade over Trubisky. The Bears need an upgrade at head coach.

  4. Most their comparative QB stats are nearly identical, the main difference is the interception ratio, over 60% for Trubisky and in the mid 40’s for Foles. IF and that’s a big if, Trubisky can rein in his errant passes, he will keep the job because he has good juju with the returning offense. Foles on the other hand is actually a “winner”, so that will have bearing on this. Regardless of who gets the nod, neither will do well unless the oline starts performing lake a pro oline. While I am very hesitant to give Trubisky a pass on last year – I do recognize that running around for your life and getting pummeled because of a lack of running game and porous protection – did very much so contribute to his poor performance.

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