Von Miller, Drew Lock among Broncos who lead peaceful protest in Denver

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The Broncos held meetings with CEO Joe Ellis earlier this week. They marched together with Ellis on Saturday.

Broncos players, coaches and executives led a peaceful protest in Denver.

Von Miller, Kareem Jackson and Drew Lock were among the players who marched, NFL Media reports. Ellis, coach Vic Fangio and the team’s vice president for strategic initiatives Brittany Bowlen also participated.

Miller and Justin Simmons were among those who spoke.

“The time is always right to do what’s right,” Miller said. “Once we have awareness, we’ve got to use our moral compass to make decisions on what’s right. Black, white, it doesn’t matter. It’s 2020. Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown are still fighting this fight, and it’s up to us to keep it going.”

Thousands of people showed up as protests continue around the country almost two weeks after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a former Minneapolis police officer.

“I can’t say what this means as an African-American man to see so many people of different colors, different races coming together in solidarity,” Simmons said.

4 responses to “Von Miller, Drew Lock among Broncos who lead peaceful protest in Denver

  1. I think we all know how hard this is for African Americans when they see news of the brutality. Athletes have always been at the forefront of this constant struggle, decade after decade.

    But until the leaders of all walks of life step up, nothing is ever going to change. Where is THEIR accountability in instigating change?

    These so called corporate leaders, wealthy team owners and politicians campaigned and/or voted for a man they knew to have no one’s interest at heart except for the very wealthy’s interest.

    Hold them accountable.

    Happy to see athletes using their patriotism for something as important as police brutality is.

  2. They missed a golden opportunity to condemn the violence/rioting/looting. That would have brought more respect to their message. Ignoring the destruction is to accept it. That’s the very same message the protesters have been using – ignoring the systemic racism is akin to accepting it.

    They could have modeled how to do this the right way – and they failed.

  3. I bet they’re really protesting Mahomes. Sorry guys, he’s not not going anywhere.

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