Cardinals will support players in protests, including kneeling during anthem

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Kneeling for the national anthem in protest of police brutality and social injustice again has become news. Drew Brees, President Donald Trump and Akiem Hicks are among those who have created headlines last week with comments related to kneeling during the anthem.

Players will kneel this season. Washington running back Adrian Peterson is one of the big-name players who already has committed to kneeling during the anthem. It’s just a matter of how many will kneel and for how many games.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said his team has not discussed the possibility of pregame protests yet, but anything they do, including taking a knee, will come with the organization’s blessing.

“Obviously, we’re going to support our guys. They know that,” Kingsbury said, via Kyle Odegard of the team website.

Kingsbury gave the team a day off last week to process everything and as a “tribute to George Floyd as well.” He said he’s “very proud” of Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson and DeAndre Hopkins for speaking out.

“As an organization, we want them to know we support them. From the top down,” Kingsbury said. “Michael (Bidwill) has called me multiple times to talk through things: ‘How can we help?’

“The racial injustice, the police brutality toward people of color, it has to stop. We’re all hopeful this is the catalyst for that change.”

45 responses to “Cardinals will support players in protests, including kneeling during anthem

  1. Finally an NFL owner with the courage to do the right thing.

    Never back down from a bully.

    Thanks Mr. Bidwill.

  2. At the end of the day what does kneeling solve. You’re against police brutality, great, so is everyone else

  3. Soooo….actively trying to alienate your fan base….did the owners not learn anything?

  4. So if they are allowing hundreds of thousands of people to pack the streets, literally pack the streets, is it now OK for us to go to a stadium to watch a football game together? Or are those gatherings still a threat to public health, while protests are not.

  5. What’s crazy to me is that it seems that the very people who seem to be so triggered by anthem protests (first amendment) are the same who like to go on about sticking to the constitution and its other amendments.

  6. NFL…….dont let these attention divas get their 15 minutes and disrespect the anthem like they will. Just get rid of the anthem before the game all together. By what ive read, it might save you some fans as well!

  7. As a middle-aged white guy, I’m really tired of other middle-aged white guys telling everyone else how they should feel. Open your eyes and look around, we have issues, status quo isn’t cutting it.

  8. The NFL will only alienate a small part of their fan base. The vast majority will still enjoy watching the games. Either way they went some fans would be alienated, they made the decision to go with the ones wanting to help end a national disgrace.

  9. If it bothers you that much, wait til after kickoff and then watch. Problem solved…

  10. It takes no courage to cave to the mob. It’s not powerful, it’s not courageous, and it’s not admirable. Kneeling during the national anthem is not unifying, period.

  11. Well we will see how this turns out this time for the NFL, have a feeling that I already know the answer. Just like last time Sunday’s will be free…

  12. Holy crap. Who cares? Kneel, stand, sit, have a nap. I just want to watch football.
    If the NFL really wants to allow players to express their views on issues, maybe stop fining them for wearing cleats with unbranded messaging.

  13. Is this really an attempt by the NFL to see how it feels when your business gets burned down by RIOTERS by doing their best to alienate their fan base?

    I predict lower ratings and emptier stadiums, regardless of corona.

  14. fishfan77 says:
    June 8, 2020 at 3:55 pm
    If it bothers you that much, wait til after kickoff and then watch. Problem solved…


    Or, we can find a million better things to do. Ratings plunge, empty stadiums, no views for all football websites. NFL made a bad business decision.

  15. Kneel, sit, stand? Who cares? Most people only care about what the players do on the field of play. Any player who thinks they will stop social injustice by kneeling is as dumb as the “fans” who say they will stop watching football because the flag is being “disrespected.”

  16. You don’t like people protesting police brutality? Easy fix: End police brutality.

  17. If it’s really “not about the flag”, then why do it when presenting the flag? Protest in unison before, or after, the anthem and you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s offensive. A fairly simple compromise solves it…but we don’t want that now, do we?

  18. If you think the stadium will be empty because they allow kneeling, guess again. There are plenty of people who can’t afford to go to games now that can’t wait to buy tickets.

  19. Oh no how will old white men freedom if everyone doesn’t stand for the magic sky flag?!

  20. Its high time we and The NFL get behind this movement and reject the status quo. If you don’t watch games because of people and players exercising their rights. Good bye. It was never about the dam flag. If your going to bow to anything or anyone let it be Jesus or your soul, Not somebody’s dam flag or government. Or some silly song.

  21. Kneel, collect half a million dollar paycheck, return to your mansion, sit back while millions of people waste their time arguing about it online.

    American progress, ladies and gentleman.

  22. The NFL doesn’t lead, it follows where the money is going. 4 years later, they see the money flowing in the direction of those advocating for justice. Tick tock to those who want to go backwards, not forward. Plenty of folks will line up to take your seats.

  23. Cultural change is an interesting process, is it not? There will always be those who initially resist it, and then those who welcome it and learn to “adapt”. If the cause is just and based in “TRUTH”, the ultimate outcome will be rest assured…
    I Love to witness those who embody the Courage to admit they were wrong, reside in humility, and overtly share what they have learned and commit to being better. Both Drew Brees and Roger have are to be Honored and Recognized for this type of Leadership.
    Michael Bidwill and Kliff Kingsbury are now stepping up and demonstrating their own brand of Courage and admirable qualities in dealing with these circumstances… Despite the cynicism and negativity sourced within an “old paradigm” or status quo of white privilege or supremacy, and possible temporary business model financial risks, they are taking the high road and supporting their players as their priority! Within the context of what goes around, comes around, let’s see how the players respond this season?
    I Love what this team is doing….

  24. 666football666 says:
    June 8, 2020 at 4:40 pm
    You don’t like people protesting police brutality? Easy fix: End police brutality.


    People are against various protest methods, not protesting. Peaceful AND mature conduct will win people over and help end police brutality.

  25. God bless the simple folk that think alienating a racist and ignorant chunk of the fan base is any concern at all.

    They don’t really know what their principles are, but you better believe they’re gonna stick to em.

    Whatever they are.

  26. Do you guys stand for the Anthem while at home? Nope!!! You’re stuffing face, drinking your beer, working your grill and other things. So why does it matter?

  27. Kneeling was started to bring attention to it. Well, if everyone hasn’t heard about it by now, I don’t know what kneeling will do.
    You want change, don’t just kneel, come up with solutions. Maybe instead of companies like Michael Jordan’s, donating 100 million over 10 years, ask him to make his brand here in America, instead of Asia somewhere. Create jobs here in the USA. Put his plant near low income, poverty stricken neighborhoods More companies do the same, let all people earn money instead of maybe turning to crime to survive.
    Less crime, less interaction with the Police.
    At least it would be a start, i believe.

  28. 666football666 says:
    June 8, 2020 at 4:40 pm
    You don’t like people protesting police brutality? Easy fix: End police brutality.


    You want to end police brutality? Comply with the police when they give you an order. Pretty simple huh?

  29. They will support anything at this moment to increase fan base. They are terrible as a team. The division is very tuff as well. They was last in the division last year. They should have been letting the defense take a knee all along to catch their breath because the offense cannot stay on the field.

  30. “Or, we can find a million better things to do. Ratings plunge, empty stadiums, no views for all football websites. NFL made a bad business decision.”

    If that’s true, how come the NFL’s popularity and profitability has increased every year?

    (Hint: The flag stuff didn’t hurt The Shield.)

  31. If you’re still too dense to understand what the kneeling protest is about, then yes, please take your business elsewhere. You will not be missed.

  32. Who cares if those fan haters stop buying tickets and going to the games. We have enough fans and ticket holders to support the team. Matter of fact, haters can move out of state.

  33. Kneel all you want but stop being hypicrital about it. This started out with it had nothing to do with the flag – now it does. You cannot have it both ways. I dont’ see any kneeling for the 100s of young blak men killed in black on black violence in Chicago and across the nation. The many children who have been killed by stray bullets in drive bys in the innner city. Where’s their voice? Who kneels for them? Ya all telling us to clean up our backyards but you cannot take and care of your own lawns. I think its great Kap did this, I’ve been a supporter from the beginning, so he kneels before the Anthem, let em all kneel. You can be patriotic love your country and still support the cause against police brutality. You dont’ have to pick a side and stay there, thats what old men do.

  34. Kap chose to kneel after discussing it with a retired Army Green Beret. Look it up. It was the compromise that the Green Beret told Kap would work because the Green Beret said it would not disrespect the flag. Kap initially sat on the bench during the national anthem which did offend a lot of vets. But after speaking to the Green Beret, Kap respected his wishes and kneeled instead.

  35. jackdaniels1 says:
    June 8, 2020 at 3:13 pm
    At the end of the day what does kneeling solve. You’re against police brutality, great, so is everyone else

    You forgot to mention the overwhelming aspect of white supremacy that permeates over these murders. Pretty sure thats what the kneeling is truly about.

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