Jurrell Casey: Titans threw me away like trash

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The Broncos are set to host the Titans on the first Monday night of the 2020 season and that means they’ll have a chance to catch up with defensive tackle Jurrell Casey after trading him to Denver in March.

If there are any conversations with Titans brass, Casey might share some of the bad feelings that the trade created for him. Casey was a guest on the podcast hosted by Devin and Jason McCourty and he shared how it felt like “a blow to the heart” that the team didn’t tell him directly that they were looking to move him after a nine-year run.

A lot of those years were losing ones, but Casey re-signed with the Titans in 2017 and he wasn’t happy to get his walking papers coming off a deep playoff run.

“Those were some rough times. When you’re a loyal guy and you feel like things are going in the right direction and you’re that centerpiece, you got no choice but to fight it through,” Casey said, via Turron Davenport of ESPN.com. “My mindset was to stick it out and things would get better. For us to get to that point to get better and to be a main focus of that and then you just throw me away to the trash like I wasn’t a main block of that . . . Coming off an injury the year before and playing the whole season for ya’ll. No complaints, I did everything you wanted me to do and you throw me like a piece of trash. At the end of the day, none of these businesses are loyal.”

Casey is far from the first to point out that loyalty only goes so far in the NFL, especially when moving on saves the $11 million in cap space that the Titans created by dealing Casey to Denver this spring.

16 responses to “Jurrell Casey: Titans threw me away like trash

  1. I agree. Denver obtaining Casey for a 7th rounder was the biggest steal of the offseason. One of the most underrated players in the league.

  2. Spare me Jurrell. You were traded, get over yourself. Happily collect your millions this season and shut your pie hole.

  3. The 49ers got rid of Joe Montana after 4 super bowls, and the Patriots got rid of Tom Brady after 6 super bowls. So what’s this guy crying about? Don’t get me wrong, I love Jerrell Casey. But just stop with all the nonsense. Joe and Tom were loyal employees too. I don’t remember those guys throwing a pity party for themselves.

  4. So a guy who made many millions from the Titans is upset he was traded where he could continue to make a big stack of millions, and he’s upset?

  5. Leaving as a free agent and getting traded without any notice after being with a team for a decade are, in fact, different.

  6. And if Casey was a free agent he would not have signed for the highest with whoever gave him what he considered the best deal? Hate it when these clowns play the disrespect card. Players get traded every year. Be a big boy and accept your very lucratine check from another organization.

  7. gothicscorpion says:
    June 8, 2020 at 1:21 pm
    Denver’s D will “CRUSH” it this year
    They will have to if that team is going to finish the season above .500.
    How much longer will Horseface be employed when they don’t finish with a winning record and miss the playoffs again?

  8. I loved Casey but this was actually good for him. By trading him he gets to stay on his current contract and get paid what he was supposed to get paid. They could ask him to take a pay cur or simply cut him and then he has to sign somewhere for less. Feel like they kinda did him a solid.

  9. I can understand him being disappointed, but he’s made over $60,000,000.
    If the worst part of your job is playing football for Denver instead of the Titans, life can’t be that bad.

  10. Good player, but if the cap hit is really $11 million, he was vulnerable to being cut.
    If the trade allows him to retain his salary, it could be viewed as a favor.

  11. Dont these guys know it’s a business after being in the NFL for years and years?…they cant be that naive…

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