Report: Camps could open in mid-July

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The expectation has long been that NFL players won’t report until the start of training camp, but that reporting could be sooner than previously scheduled.

According to Albert Breer of, the NFL “has floated the idea” of starting training camps as soon as mid-July, to give players a chance to get back in football shape after an offseason of virtual work.

The new CBA says that teams can report 47 days before their first regular season game, which is July 28 for most teams.

But there are concerns about how ready to get into football action players will be, after the normal offseason programs, OTAs, and minicamps were lost to coronavirus lockdowns.

The NFL and NFLPA’s joint committee on heath and safety is recommending an acclimation period before camp, but it’s unclear how long that period might be. There’s already a five-day acclimation period built into the start of camps by the new CBA.

Last week, Buccaneers coach said he was hoping for some form of “quarterback school” or rookie school, and specifically mentioned July 15 as a possible start date.

“Walkthroughs and practices are really how our guys learn today,” Arians said. “There’s only so much attention span on a computer. That’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 15 years of teaching: Attention span isn’t the same as it used to be. Walking through and practicing is the best way to teach. Those are valuable minutes and reps missed. I don’t know how we’ll make them up. Hopefully, we get some extra time in practice in camp. A few extra days would help.”

How many days he gets remains to be seen.

4 responses to “Report: Camps could open in mid-July

  1. I hope they’re able to get back by then. I also hope there’s adequate infrastructure (tech/equipment, protocols, processes) to ensure players are safe and transmission risk minimized. Lot of talk about getting players back, but I’ve not heard anything detailed about the system or practices that’ll permit that.

    If some team goes back and a large chunk of players immediately get infected and it’s traced back to not having necessary technology or protocols, that’s the worst case scenario — lines up the dominoes for the NFL getting postponed or cancelled because it suggests they can’t control it. Nobody who follows football wants that.

  2. I have always said July 31st and that is when *MOST camps open every year. I don’t see the July 15th date happening.

    Any health “acclimation period” won’t change the July 31st date for official opening of most camps. “Acclimation period” wouldn’t involve practice. Arians can think he deserves more time all he wants.

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