Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 24: Jared Goff

Chris Simms top 40 QBs: Jared Goff
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When thinking of NFL quarterbacks, it’s easy to overlook Jared Goff. For example, I posted something on the 23rd quarterback on the Simms top 40 countdown (Sam Darnold) without realizing I’d failed to post something on No. 24, the starting quarterback of the Rams.

The first overall pick in the 2016 draft and the recipient of a gigantic contract after only three NFL seasons, Goff regressed last year, and real questions exist as to how he’ll perform without running back Todd Gurley and receiver Brandin Cooks on the team. Given what he’s being paid ($33.5 million per year), more should be expected than what Goff has been doing, especially given a 2019 season that saw a playoff streak end at two years.

The Rams are tied to Goff, for at least three more years. They need to put enough of a team around him, however. Which brings back the question of whether teams pay too much for quarterbacks. Especially those teams whose coaches are offensive gurus, like Sean McVay, who can make chicken salad out of whatever quarterback lands in their laps.

If the Rams can’t, it won’t be easy for Goff to get much higher than No. 24 on this list.

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11 responses to “Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 24: Jared Goff

  1. Jared Goof.
    Tua > Burrow. & any other quarterback not named Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers or Roethlisberger. #FACTS.

  2. Gosh, it was only 18 months ago that Goff played lights-out in the NFC Championship, outdueling Drew Brees, in spite of the Saints’ illegally-whistle-blowing fans. Goff brought the Rams back time after time, including from a 13-0 deficit, and including a huge third-down scramble-and-throw-dart play to Gerald Everett to keep the drive alive, resulting in a FG and forcing overtime, which the Rams WON (lest everyone has forgotten.) But it’ll be Drew Brees at #4 or #5 on your QB list. Meanwhile, Goff has received only scorn for his entire career.

  3. Well it’s a list by Chris Simms. A disappointment at the University of Texas and a career
    2nd stringer OB in the NFL. So is he really capable of such a list by evaluations? All this is just fodder. Off season filler and thankfully not political. Goff, should be higher but not that much. Throws a good ball, but has that deer in the headlights look. Is it Goof or McVay?

  4. Rams were first, third and eleventh in scoring in the past three seasons. They had not been top 20 for the ten previous years before that.

    I don’t know how everyone but the QB gets credit.

  5. Just take a look at the tape of the SB, you get what you paid for. If you are contempt placing second it’s money well spent.

  6. Winston , Goff poss Baker . no sure thing being the #1 pick in the draft.

  7. Never has the disparity between “expert” evaluation and actual talent been greater than the assessments of Goff by the NFL group think. There are perhaps 4 or 5 QBs I would trade Goff for. People are SO clueless.

  8. Chris Simms – yes he knows how to rank good QB’s because he was so darn good, please – Goff took a team to the Superbowl and last year his line was injured and a mess until late in the year and they came alive again. Goff has not proven to be a consistent top 10 QB by any stretch, but 24 is an uneducated and not very well thought through ranking, also was durability a factor….no games missed?

  9. I would also like to add, though last year was a struggle with a battered line and no running game, Chris Simms – Did you miss the Playoff wins the year before that got them to the Superbowl? You know one of them was on the road against New Orleans and Brees. Also wondering if Chris was able to stay up to see the 54-51 Sunday night showdown win against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. This just in….Goff was pretty good in that one also.

  10. Although there are real questions about Goff after a down-2019, he’s won a lot of games in his short 3 year career. And took his team to the Super Bowl.

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