Gerald McCoy rooting for Bucs to go undefeated until postseason

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Gerald McCoy joined the Cowboys because of the “advantages and benefits” that come with playing for America’s Team.

The defensive tackle pointed to Troy Aikman, Jason Witten and Tony Romo’s jobs as NFL analysts. (Witten unretired from the NFL after one season doing ESPN’s Monday Night Football and will play this season with the Raiders after playing for the Cowboys last season.)

McCoy also pointed to the fact that he played in only four primetime games, excluding Thursday Night Football, during nine seasons with the Bucs. (The Bucs played four other primetime games McCoy missed because of injury.) The Cowboys are the only team to have five primetime games every single season since 2006 when NBC got Sunday Night Football and the NFL began playing Thursday night games.

But McCoy will play for the Cowboys and root for the Buccaneers. At least until the postseason.

The Cowboys and Bucs don’t play in the regular season.

“For me, I’m a lifelong Bucs fan. OK? And until we have to play them, I’m always going to root for the Bucs,” McCoy said Tuesday on Colin Cowherd, via RJ Ochoa of ESPN San Antonio. “I’m just telling you that. I hope they go undefeated and then they lose to us in the playoffs. I’m going to be honest. I’m a lifelong Bucs fan. One of my best friends is Lavonte David. I believe he deserves all the TV time he’s going to get. I believe he’s very, very underrated. I’m excited for all of them to get all of the publicity they deserve. I believe that Tom Brady can be what they need, and I hope they win, man. I really do. I hope everything that happens except the Super Bowl, because that’s for us.”

5 responses to “Gerald McCoy rooting for Bucs to go undefeated until postseason

  1. Welcome To Prime Time Where We Dem Boyz Going To Shine! Different year haters different year so keep your repeating comments to yourselves. Unless that is all that we are going to keep doing on these blogs, you know wash rinse repeat.
    Time for new material being a new year.

    1) Cowboyz = Champs
    2) Eagles = Wild Card
    3) Giants = Basement
    4) Redskins = Grandmas Basement

  2. gerald mccoy was a beast and never got the credit he deserved. classic story of wasting your career at an irrelevent unsuccesful club.

  3. I hope everybody got to see McCoy’s interview on Colin Cowherd esp his thoughts on Drew Brees.

  4. He is a Cowboy, he doesn’t need to worry about the playoffs. Cowboys don’t even have their starting QB signed and may end up starting Andy Dalton. hahahahahahaha

    New head coach, QB in a bitter contract negotiation, no off-season to work together and get in sync with all the changes… Cowboys will be lucky if Washington doesn’t put them in NFC East cellar. There is 0.00001% chance the Dem “8-8” Boys make the playoffs, let alone win the NFC East.

    Fly Eagles Fly

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