Seahawks were (and still may be) willing to pay Jadeveon Clowney $15 million for 2020

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Much has been written said about teams that have interest, that may have interest, that could have interest, that at one point had interest, and/or that had no interest in defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Not much has been said about what a team is willing to pay.

One important clue emerged last month, when the Seahawks opted not to apply the UFA tender to Clowney, at a 10 percent increase over his $15 million salary in 2020 — or $16.5 million.

So how much would the Seahawks pay? As one league source explained it, Seattle has been willing to pay Clowney $15 million on a one-year deal.

During the talks between Clowney’s representatives and Seattle, it came up that the Browns would pay Clowney $18 million. It’s unclear whether that was a real offer or the kind of puffery that happens during negotiations.

Regardless, Clowney still remains available. As teams as able to start doing business, presumably they’ll be able (sooner than later) to bring free agents in for visits and physicals. At that point, maybe a market for the first pick in the 2014 draft will finally emerge.

17 responses to “Seahawks were (and still may be) willing to pay Jadeveon Clowney $15 million for 2020

  1. 15MM for one year is foolish, thats an overpayment of 3-5MM.
    He isn’t a pass rusher, he’s a run stuffer.
    I’d rather pay a competent player 7MM and use the rest on another position.

  2. Save it and do the right thing. Every team in the league owes Kap at least $15 mill each for the collusion damages from lost salary, incentives and endorsement revenues. Pay the $15 mill directly to him and let’s get started on the path to correcting a great misjustice and restoring the integrity of the shield.

  3. They can’t afford to pay him. They need to save every penny under the cap they have to sign Kaepernick.

  4. I love when people forgo $15m because they think they are worth $18mm. You can turn $!5mm into $18mm faster than $0 into $18mm…

  5. Dub, funny. Teams already made a payment to the guy to not work. Or work at his real job, I guess.

  6. When the Seahawks traded for Clowney they made a commitment to him and his agent that they would not tag him after the season. So by not tagging him they are simply living up to their word. It’s another example of why their front office has such a good reputation with players and their agents. They might be very tough nosed in negotiations but they always honor their word…even when it might not be to their advantage to do so. And let’s not forget that Clowney has been more than fair with them during negotiations. Not once has he come out with negative comments about the team, the negotiations, or anything like that. He’s been nothing more than professional and has been a terrific player on the field and an outstanding person off the field.

  7. He will probably get another injury lifting the pen while signing a new contract. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  8. rockstar904 says:
    June 9, 2020 at 10:49 pm
    I love when people forgo $15m because they think they are worth $18mm. You can turn $!5mm into $18mm faster than $0 into $18mm…


    Nice to see somebody on here with a brain who knows how money works. at only 1% gain annually, he’d make $150,000 a year on interest alone…much more than probably every single person on this thread makes a year

  9. Normally I do not “puff up” an offer in negotiation that is higher than I want to pay….I don’t think anyone does. Once you offer it that really does become your floor.

  10. If they are willing to just give away money heck I could use some. I promise I will sit out every other week and will not be productive. Oh and for that kind of money I promise I will not be a distraction to the team at all. Where do I sign.

  11. That is a lot of money for a part time player. He’s demonstrated a career of claiming full time status but never being able to be trusted to play. He’s a cupcake. He’s fragile.

  12. A one year deal playing on that Putrid Sound Stadium hard turf can be a big risk. A potential career ending injury is not worth $15 million for Clown. Besides, if they have to play without fans in 2020, the presence of Clown may not be good enough for the lousy Seattle D.

  13. Putrid?

    Lol you aren’t trying hard enough Newton.

    As for the topic, I would rather play in Seattle for 15m than Cleveland for 18m and it isn’t close. Once you are comfy it is all about quality of life.

    Once a guy has 2 or 3m he can just live off of it if he is frugal.

    I made 25% last year with TIAA before the pandemic hit and it will come back. The key is to not pay too much attention and think long-term.

    Seattle, WA > Cleveland, Ohio

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