Dan Campbell says “sky’s the limit” for Jared Cook

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Jared Cook made only 15 catches for 168 yards and two touchdowns in his first six games with the Saints last season. In the final eight games, the tight made 28 receptions for 537 yards and seven touchdowns.

The second half of the season has the Saints excited to see what Cook can do this season.

“Jared Cook, the sky’s the limit,” Saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell said Wednesday, via Luke Johnson of NOLA.com.

Cook, 33, had a career year in Oakland in 2018, catching 68 passes for 896 yards and six touchdowns. The Saints signed him a two-year, $15.5 million deal a year ago with the expectation of Cook having more of that in him.

They now know more about him, and he knows more about the offense.

“That talent level has been in there,” Campbell said. “[Raiders coach Jon] Gruden was able to pull it out of him. He knew exactly what to do with the guy, and we’re trying to do the same thing. We just know he is a one-on-one nightmare. He is a matchup nightmare for a defense. I don’t know how to cover the guy. I wouldn’t know what to tell them.”

5 responses to “Dan Campbell says “sky’s the limit” for Jared Cook

  1. Dan Campbell tells it like it is. If he tells you a mosquito can pull a plow, don’t argue with him. Hitch it up.

  2. I’d manage his reps and unleash him in the playoffs.

    For 33 year old TE’s what else can you do?

  3. aldavisisthenfl says:
    June 10, 2020 at 7:21 pm
    Paid too much for not alot….
    I disagree. The Saints haven’t had a TE of his caliber since Jimmy Graham. His 9 touchdowns are excellent, 3 more than his career year in Oakland. Drew Brees LOVES throwing the seam pass to big TEs. Cook has a shot at another year with 800+ yards and maybe 10-12 TDs, because he’s a BEAST in the Red Zone. He’ll also be a great mentor to the new kid out of Dayton, Adam Trautman.

  4. Cook is a disappointment so far for the Saints. A competent tight end should make the probowl every year with Drew throwing him the ball, and that’s why he did so much better in the second half of the season, the first half obviously dominated by Bridgewater. In addition, Cook did not look great on the field early on and improved, quite obviously, once Drew returned.

    I’m optimistic for Cook this season, but he’s still got to earn that contract.

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