Dirk Koetter expects to see a jump in Calvin Ridley’s play

Getty Images

Calvin Ridley has 127 catches for 1,687 yards and 17 touchdowns through his first two NFL seasons and his offensive coordinator thinks the 2018 first-round pick is just scratching the surface.

Ridley was one of the topics of conversation when Dirk Koetter spoke to reporters on a conference call Tuesday and Koetter praised the wideout’s “exceptional speed and quickness.” Those traits have helped him make a transition to the NFL, but Koetter believes that things will only get better as Ridley works on the finer points of his game.

“I think he’s always been able to beat his man just by pure speed and athleticism, and I think as he gets a little more consistent in his route running and understanding what is landmarks are, his depths of his routes are, I think you’re going to see a jump in his game,” Koetter said, via the team’s website. “Now, you say that, but we’re also talking about a guy who, in his first two years in the league, has put up some pretty substantial numbers. But I think his talent is even higher than that.”

With Julio Jones at another receiver spot, Ridley should have plenty of chances to prove Koetter right about where he can go in his third season.