Matt Ryan audibles out of crowd noise question

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NFL teams still don’t know whether they’ll be playing in front of fans when they begin their seasons.

But Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan knows he’s not the guy to ask about playing in quiet environments.

Via Atlanta writer Jason Butt (formerly of, Ryan was asked about the possibility of playing in empty buildings, and pumping in crowd noise.

I’m not sure our organization should be talking about pumping in crowd noise,” Ryan replied.

Of course, the Falcons were found guilty of exactly that in 2013 and 2014, and were hit with a range of penalties.

They were fined $350,000 and lost a 2016 fifth-round pick, and team president Rich McKay was briefly suspended as chairman of the league’s competition committee.

It was a solid moment of #selfawareness for Ryan, who has been on a bit of a hot streak lately, deserving cheers of the organic variety for his donations to support Atlanta’s black community.

6 responses to “Matt Ryan audibles out of crowd noise question

  1. I was at a game in Atlanta in 2016, and there was no question in anyone’s mind in the cheap seats where I was sitting that they were still pumping crowd noise through the PA. It was right in front of us where we sat in the upper ring and we all could hear it plainly.

  2. I really hope the NFL comes to its senses and ditches this idea. It makes zero sense. We enjoy the crowd noise because of what they’re cheering or booing for, not the noise itself. Why are we being forced to suspend disbelief and pretend there are fans in the stadiums when we KNOW they’re not there. we’re not idiots. Even fake wrestling hasn’t been pumping in fake crowd noise. ridiculous…

    I was also looking forward to watching NFL in a whole new way being able to hear what coaches are yelling and what players say to each other after plays ends. it’d be a whole new experience.

  3. The Vikings have been pumping in fake crowd noise for years at the old Metrodome through their use of sideline speakers.
    If you’ve ever attended a game there it was patently obvious.

    It was a clear misuse of stadium equipment for home field advantage to control crowd noise levels.
    And I’ve never fully understood why they weren’t reprimanded by the league throughout the years.

    I guess it’s just another example of the NFL allowing the Vikings to skirt the rules. Again.

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