Patrick Mahomes: Drew Brees has good heart, but controversy took away from movement

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Drew Brees became the biggest story in the NFL last week. That became as much of a problem for most NFL players as what the Saints quarterback said before backtracking.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said Brees’ national anthem stance missed the mark and detracted from the Black Lives Matter movement.

But Mahomes also believes Brees will make good on his promise to be part of the solution and part of change.

“Yeah, I’ve known Drew for a pretty long time just being from Texas, and I know that he is a good person, and he has a good heart,” Mahomes said Thursday. “Obviously, his statement missed the point and missed what was going on in the world today and took away attention from the movement that was going on and the peaceful protesting that was going on. But I think you see with his actions afterward, and I believe with his actions moving forward, you will see the true person that he is and how much he cares his community and how much he cares about the people that he’s around. Time will tell. But I know every interaction that I’ve had with him he’s always shown me the upmost respect, and I believe his actions will show that as we continue as we move forward.”