Patrick Mahomes spoke to Roger Goodell, telling him action is next step

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Patrick Mahomes first spoke to Roger Goodell on video. The Chiefs quarterback was one of 18 NFL players — and the most prominent — to participate in a video that got the commissioner’s attention last week.

Goodell responded a day later with his own video.

Goodell and Mahomes since have talked over the phone.

“We think that’s the first step,” Mahomes said of Goodell’s response, via Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star. “But we want to make sure it leads to action.”

Mahomes explained Wednesday that he’s blessed to have a platform and plans on using it. Doug Williams, the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, called Mahomes’ prominent presence in the video “very powerful.

Mahomes is the first player in the video to state the message: “Black Lives Matter.”

“That stuff needed to be said,” Mahomes said. “We needed to come together as players and show that we believe black lives matter. We believe this needs to be informed. We need to be the role models to go out there and take that step.”

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