Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 18: Josh Allen

Chris Simms top 40 QB: Josh Allen
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He’s gradually climbing the ladder toward franchise quarterback status.

Josh Allen, the highest-rated quarterback from the class of 2018 not named Lamar Jackson, comes in at No. 18 on the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown.

The Bills quarterback took the team to the playoffs in 2019, and he performed very well (for the most part) against the Texans. This year, he’ll be expected to help Buffalo challenge the Patriots atop the AFC East.

If Allen can pull it off, he could be landing a lot higher next year, maybe even in the top 10.

Check out the video from Thursday’s PFT Live, which explains Allen’s strengths and weaknesses and prospects in more details.

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18 responses to “Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 18: Josh Allen

  1. hes very fun to watch, like blake bortles was, hopefully he never wrecks his career like bortles did in 2018

  2. Way too high on this. Derrick Carr is far better QB than Allen at their points in their career. The Bills won in-spite of the play by Allen most of the year. Watch how he crumpled in the playoffs. He could improve and be better but right now I would take Carr over Allen.

  3. Josh Trash Allen at #18 is insane, Mr 52% completely melted down in the playoffs.

    He was a horrible pick by a horrible franchise.

  4. He’s at the top of the list when you hold it upside down.

    Wide right, you lose again.

  5. Sims must have a crush on Allen, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. he checks down more than my man Derick Carr and that aint fun to watch when you have a Wide open receiver sprinting down the sideline yelling for the rock then just throws a 3 yard check down.

  7. What a joke. Allen has never had a career 300 yard passing game and he’s the 18th best QB in the league?? Give me a break. I’d take Carr over this guy every day of the week.

  8. Even here in Buffalo we know he’s nowhere near #18, closer to 40 sounds right.

  9. His signature win came against the Cowboys who turned out to be frauds. Still he has proven to be a better QB than Sam Darnold.

  10. On the surface Allen had good numbers last year, but if you take a closer look, his accuracy isn’t all that great. On some difficult throws he had some nice plays, but on the typical throws that an NFL QB must make, he was about the same on adjusted accuracy as his rookie year. And deep ball accuracy was even worse. PFF notes some improvements, but are still quite skeptical. And he got to play with a solid defense, a huge bonus for a young QB.

    The other difference–Darnold had no help and no offensive line, and battled some bad injuries. Allen has a much better situation in Buffalo and a coaching staff trying to help him. Even with all those advantages…the Buffalo offense was not that great in 2019. Much like Darnold, this is a very important year for Allen. He has a #1 receiver now.

    That was also an all time meltdown, in a playoff game no less. Not sure how he will respond–was it a fluke or that will be his decision making when the pressure is on?

    Allen is only this high on the list because his team made the playoffs. Not sure if that is enough compared to other QBs below him.

  11. This dude showed he was willing to throw the whole season down the drain with that ill advised pitch in the playoffs. He needs to display better judgement to be rated this high. We’ll also have to see if he can ignore Diggs screaming in his ear to throw him the ball, even when trying to protect a lead.

  12. What a terrible QB. all hes good at is scrambling. He’s basically Mitch, only worse.

  13. Anyone trash talking Allen wouldn’t know talent if it hit them in the head! Allen is a leader and a very good QB on his way to being a great QB. Quit hating!

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