Jason Witten met with local leaders, police in Las Vegas


Jason Witten hasn’t as much as practiced with the Raiders yet, but he’s digging into the Las Vegas community.

The veteran tight end visited the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and met with local leaders Wednesday, to talk about improving relations with police at a time of racial tension.

“I know from life experience, some of my best friends, some of the people I respect the most had a much more challenging situation than I did,” Witten said, via Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “A big reason why was the color of their skin. I think that black lives matter, and I would communicate that to all of my following.”

It’s a simple realization, but a valuable one.

Witten said he was encouraged to take part in the meeting by former Cowboys teammate DeMarco Murray, a Las Vegas native, but said he felt a call to act when he joined the Raiders.

“I know the tradition of Al Davis and the Raiders organization,” Witten said. “I felt it when I signed from [owner] Mark Davis and coach [Jon] Gruden. I see it with the players, the leaders on that team, the passion they have not to just be the best on the field, but to use that platform to make a difference in this city.”

That begins with conversations like the one Witten had.