Pete Carroll received a call today from a team interested in Colin Kaepernick

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Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent. He has not come close to signing since hitting the market in the spring of 2017.

But it feels like change has occurred in the NFL the past three weeks.

So will Kaepernick get a chance now?

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, whose team is the only one even to have Kaepernick visit since the quarterback’s split from the 49ers, said a team called him Thursday asking about Kaepernick. Carroll said he had never previously gotten a call from any other team regarding Kaepernick.

He would not name the team.

“So I know somebody’s interested, and we’ll see what happens with that,” Carroll said on a conference call. “I thought the irony of that was crazy, because I knew I was coming on this press conference and you guys were going to ask me a million questions about this. I got a phone call today for the first time.”

Kaepernick visited the Seahawks in 2017, and the Seahawks set up a workout with Kaepernick in 2018 before cancelling it.

“Kaep called me during the [2016] season before that offseason, and he called out of the blue to ask me for some advice about where he would go next,” Carroll said. “I was flattered that he would even think to call me, because we never talked before other than just, you know, greetings, and so from that point, I was kind of rooting for him and hoping that things would work out. And so, I forgot about it. When it came back around, and we had a chance to visit with him, and it came up, I was thinking this is an incredible football player. Let’s find out if it can possibly fit football-wise and all that. And then also, because he hadn’t visited anywhere yet, maybe this would help him and open up doors for him if our thing didn’t work out. We had great meetings. I don’t know that I’ve ever explained it in as much depth, but we spent half a day together. He spent time with our people throughout the building, and he was awesome. He just backed up even more of what we had seen in the character and in his smarts, in his togetherness and his competitiveness, to the point where it was so obvious that he’s a starter in the NFL.

“He was a dominant figure as a football player, and that’s how we saw him. The fact that it didn’t work out, I figured he was going to wind up starting somewhere for sure, and it just didn’t happen. So, the rest of that story is one that I regret that didn’t happen in some fashion. I wish we would have contributed to it, because again, he deserved to play. I thought at the time and just in our situation as a backup, man, I didn’t feel it was right at that time, so I had to make that football decision. It was about our team and and the situation. We had our starting quarterback and all of that, and it wasn’t going to be the open competitive situation that I’d like to think all of our spots are because Russell is such a dominant figure and all that. That’s what happened. . . . When you look back, I felt like we missed the opportunity. I wish we could have figured that out. Knowing what we know now, I wish we had given him the chance, because I would love to see him play for all those years.”

Carroll didn’t close the door on Kaepernick now, but added the Seahawks like their current quarterback situation with Geno Smith as Russell Wilson‘s backup.

80 responses to “Pete Carroll received a call today from a team interested in Colin Kaepernick

  1. Jokes on them. He is not good.
    And by doing this and making this about ‘race’ to get a WB cut 4 years ago in, next step will be complaining to the coach he’s not getting enough playing time, and the right plays are not being called then that the refs are being racist for calling PI. Watch this unfold

  2. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    June 11, 2020 at 7:15 pm
    Kap would automatically be the best QB on the Jets roster.
    Donald played 13 games last year and won 7 games. That’s more than twice as many games as Kap won in his last 2 seasons combined.

  3. At least Carroll cleared it up best as he could. Kap wanted to be a #1 and would not have been happy as a backup in Seattle.

  4. Baltimore was considering bringing Kap in back in 2017 until Kap’s gf posted that inflammatory picture comparing Ray Lewis to a slave and Baltimore’s owner to a slave master.

    I wonder how Kap will sabotage himself this time so he can continue the easy life as a false messiah…

  5. Clearly it’s the Vikings checking in with Vikings West…least they can do after years of bad policing. Also, Sean Mannion, shouldn’t be aloud to date my daughter, let alone be an NFL backup QB

  6. He would compete for a starting job for the chargers. He is the right style QB to back up in arizona, baltimore, washington. I mean he hasnt played in 3 years so he would have a lot of rust but by QB age hes still fairly young and could still have a good career even as a backup.

  7. Hard to tell if Washington taking him would ease the name change thing or intensify it.

  8. Someone might sign him just to show how in touch with the movement they are. Problem is, Kaepernick wasn’t released by the team, he asked for a release. He was statistically terrible his last 2 seasons in the league. He is now older and likely less mobile and less durable. Kaepernick is irrelevant to the game, aside from the political aspect of him being in the league.

  9. He’s way too big of a distraction to bring in as a backup. And not all fans of whatever does that (which is a HUGE IF) are gonna be happy. Somebody called Carroll to kick tires, nothing more.

  10. SparkyGump says:
    June 11, 2020 at 7:12 pm
    Just imagine if it was the Redskins.

    Skins are one of the few teams that currently have 4 QB’s on roster.

  11. Cam will probably have a job 1st. I think Cam would be a perfect fit in New York. Jets/Giants doesn’t matter. CK may work out great as a back up in Detroit or Cincy or maybe Chicago, but I don’t see him taking back up money.

  12. I hope he does well but I know he’s got a long road ahead to get back to that starter level.

    That being said, I can confidently say he’d be an automatic upgrade over Trubisky. What are the Bears waiting for?

  13. Seattle needs to sign him as Wilson’s backup for the year. Seattle has already proven that it is out to lunch anyway so signing him would be one of the least crazy things that happen in that city this year.

  14. partmachine says:
    June 11, 2020 at 8:37 pm
    Hard to tell if Washington taking him would ease the name change thing or intensify it.
    Oh please if Rivera picks up anyone else it would be his buddy Cam Newton!!
    But they just signed Kyle Allen as a backup and gave the Panthers a 5th rd pick for dude so Kap is a no go there.

  15. So Pete.
    Your team has no back up QB.
    You won’t sign Kap in one of the most liberal cities in the union.
    Don’t try to get credibility. Sign him or stay out of it. Actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.

  16. I can see Belichick kicking the tires. Carroll is friends with Belichick, thus the secrecy. They aren’t exactly deep in the QB room. It would definitely be a competition with Hoyer for the backup job. BB would have no issue of cutting the loser. The pats salary cap situation dictates it has to be a minimum wage deal. Kraft and Belichick would get a lot of respect from the players in future free agency visits.

    As a Pats fan, I would be cool with the competition.

  17. I think the media, and we as fans, are making this a bigger deal than it needs to be. Basically Kap would be a rich mans Josh McCown, ie a backup with ALLOT of starter experience, who has played under pressure (a Super Bowl) and can still likely go in and compete at a competitive level if they need him to fillin – plus he also can teach the younger QBs the basics.

    Leaving all the rest of the political issues out, he’d be one of the better backups to have in a league that doesn’t have enough, yet must worry what to do if their starter goes down.

    Now if the political stuff becomes an hour issue, then maybe be not. But that’ll be up to Kap.

  18. Well, he had a starting job and lost it through poor play, then turned down an offer from Denver, then sabotaged an offer from Baltimore, then didn’t make the cut for Seattle, then asked for an exorbitant contract from the AFL, then turned the league-staged tryout into a fiasco, so he hasn’t been without opportunities. He’s just seen himself as too good for them.

  19. Hard to tell if Washington taking him would ease the name change thing or intensify it.
    They aren’t changing the name. Makes no sense to do it now, or anytime.

    imagine if it was the Redskins.
    Doubt they sign him, the last thing Washington needs is a quarterback controversy. If they sign Kaepernick, then Haskins will be hearing it from media pressure similar to Tebow. It’s kind of the reason why Cam isn’t on the team

  20. I wonder how Kap will sabotage himself this time so he can continue the easy life as a false messiah…

    No one is a messiah, but you’re kidding yourself if you think Kap hasn’t had a great impact on the world. Open your eyes haters.

  21. If someone wants to see if something is there thats fine. I think all signs are that he is done and has been since before he was first cut, really back to the benching. But it doesn’t bother me if someone wants to check. It wouldn’t bother me if he proved me wrong. But right now if it was my own time and dime I would be looking elsewhere for my answers at QB.

  22. What Carroll said makes no sense. If he was an “incredible” and “dominant” football player, then at a minimum you offer him a job to be the backup in case Russ goes down.

    Either Carroll didn’t want the headache that would have come from having Kaep as a backup, or Kaep was asking for too much to be a backup. Period.

    Carroll can spin it all he wants, but if there is allegedly a guy that is “to the point where it was so obvious that he’s a [starting QB] in the NFL” vailable, then you offer that gut a job as a backup.

  23. partmachine says:
    June 11, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    Hard to tell if Washington taking him would ease the name change thing or intensify it.


    As a free agent, Kaep may decide not to sign with Washington precisely because of the name situation.

    He’s a man who has chosen to live by his principles and accept the consequences. I admire that. We do not see much of that in life.

  24. Damn, if they Pats signed Kap, he would automatically become the best player at any position on the Pats, Have fun this year lol

    patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    June 11, 2020 at 7:15 pm
    Kap would automatically be the best QB on the Jets roster.

  25. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    Kap would automatically be the best QB on the Jets PRACTICE SQUAD roster, MAYBE.

    Fixed that for you…

  26. The league has done everything to satisfy Kaepernick. They donated to his cause. They even set up a special camp for him in November. How many teams committed to see him work out in Atlanta last year? Only to watch him change locations at the last kinute. This is what Colin represents. Total control and leading the owners around by the nose.

  27. > No one is more opposed to Kaepernick being signed by a team than Kaepernick himself.

    This is exactly why he continues to be unemployed.

  28. All fine and dandy in the quotes, except that the man wasn’t starting for one of the worst teams in the league (and anyone who follows football knows who started ahead of him, so no need to type the name). Have heard that “he’s a starter” line constantly, but he wasn’t. Plain and simple. And I believe that most teams don’t want the headache attached with him, for a backup. And he also directly insulted/alienated a few teams (and countless fans) with pig socks, Castro shirt, and insulting girlfriend mouth.

  29. At his best, Kap is as good as Russel Wilson, As his worst, he is better than Geno Smith. Sign him.

  30. The team thst called Petey is probably not New England. They signed Brian Hoyer in 2017 after trading Jimmy G. to Frisco. Hoyer was cut by the 49ers after going 0-6 with a quarter rating of 74.1 Some people will claim that Hoyer is a better quarterback than Kap. New England signed Hoyer again after Tom Brady left as a free agent. New England had 2 chances to sign Kap and they punted. Kap had one win and a quarterback rating of 90 when he played for Frisco in 2016. Those are better numbers than Brian Hoyer’s. Numbers do not lie.

  31. Huh, I didn’t even know Geno Smith was still in the league. Kap would definitely be a better option than Geno.

  32. Of course Kap is better than Geno Smith, but in Seattle Kap would never play. Russell Wilson never gets hurt seriously enough to not play and he’s certainly not going to be benched. So where does that leave Kap? He needs to go to a team where he has a chance to play some meaninful snaps. That probably means a bad team, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

  33. All these people saying he’s better than any current starter in the league currently has to be quite delusional .

    He may have been to a Superbowl and he may have been able to get away with fooling defenses for awhile but that was then..hes not coming back and taking the league by storm . …its over with

  34. We’re all pulling for you Colin.

    Good things happen to good people like you.

    Just keep being the awesome person that you are, no matter what happens.

  35. carloswlassiter says:
    June 12, 2020 at 6:43 am
    Why would another team call Pete Carroll about a guy who never played for him
    Well….maybe because Super Bowl winning Coach Carroll was one of the few Coaches to actually have conversations with Kap in the recent past so he may have a better insight to what Kap is looking for.

    Also, Coach Carroll has coached some pretty intense games against Kap when he was with the 49ers……

    That being said, I am NOT a Kap fan, do not think he is good enough to start in the NFL, and am glad the Seahawks aren’t jumping into this Circus…

    Go Hawks!

  36. xtrout says:
    June 12, 2020 at 9:35 am
    At his best, Kap is as good as Russel Wilson, As his worst, he is better than Geno Smith. Sign him.
    You are truly Delusional if you Honestly think that Kap is any where even remotely as Good at playing Quarterback in the NFL as the Future Hall of Famer, Russell Wilson…..

    Please Get A Grip……smh…..

    Also, the last we heard, Kap is asking $20 million per year, while Geno is being payed what a Backup QB in the NFL is expected to make.

    Go Hawks!

  37. So when no one signs Kap, will we call out Pete for his lie or just sweep it under the rug? If a team is interested in Kap, wouldn’t they call his agent instead of Coach Carroll?

  38. 1. Kaep needs new representation if a team is calling a coach

    2. At this point Carroll’s opinion is moot…he has never and will never say a bad or negative word about a player…he’s a politician…if Taylor Mays was as great as he said he was he would have played for the Hawks.

  39. You can listen to what Carroll says or look at what his team does. Geno Smith is their backup QB. They like that situation better than Kaepernick being their backup QB.

  40. flintmichiganmegabowl says:
    June 11, 2020 at 10:31 pm
    Prank calling never gets old.

    Great comment, NAILED IT

  41. i am sure everyone seen his workout video, and it was anything but impressive, he didn’t resemble anyone that i would consider an nfl qb.

  42. But Pete…Colin wants to go to Seattle, live in CHAZ and become their new ruler as he sits as a backup with the Seahawks.

    How perfect is that?

  43. Carroll simply didn’t want the circus that would have arrived with Kap. NO ONE does. It’s hard enough to win without all that distraction. It’s the same with Cam Newton… can you imagine the distraction if you signed him as a backup? That’s why you sign Hoyer: he’ll be a decent stand-in when needed, but you’ll never hear anything about him in the media, which allows the coach to focus on winning games rather than putting out PR fires.

  44. sorry but I didn’t believe a single word of that. Other than maybe (maybe) another club had phoned him.

  45. That Carroll thinks Geno Smith is a better option than Kap tells you what Carroll really thinks about Kap.

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