Poll finds most Americans OK with players kneeling

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NFL players who kneel during the national anthem this season will have the backing of most Americans.

That’s the finding of a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, which found that 52 percent of Americans answered yes to the question, “Is it OK for NFL players to kneel during the national anthem to protest police killings of African Americans?” The poll found 36 percent of Americans answered no and the rest were not sure.

This poll shows a significant increase in support for players kneeling compared to the last time the question was asked. In 2018, another Yahoo News/YouGov poll found only 35 percent agreed with kneeling to protest.

Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to be OK with players protesting: 77 percent of Democrats said they were OK with it, compared to only 20 percent of Republicans. Protesters have the support of 77 percent of blacks, 57 percent of Hispanics and 47 percent of whites. Americans age 18-29 are strongly supportive, with 68 percent saying they support the protesters, while only 36 percent of Americans over 65 support the protests.

The increase of support comes after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged that the league had not done enough to support its players’ protests. This poll suggests that the majority of Americans will be glad the NFL has come around to supporting its players.

140 responses to “Poll finds most Americans OK with players kneeling

  1. Remember the poll that said Hillary was going to be president? I’m guessing it’s as accurate as this poll.

  2. DON’T speak for me. I’m not ok with it. In 2019 I was allowed to have a opinion.

  3. just see how ratings work….and then see how much coverage the networks give it after a few weeks…

  4. Oh so they are ok with it now??? When Kaepernick was doing it some people were calling for his head and that includes 45!

  5. We already knew most Americans were okay with it. Unfortunately, the vocal minority are the ones who make a stink about it. So it LOOKS worse than it is. And the coward white-folks who are scared to say “It’s fine that they do this” make things worse.

  6. I’m fine with it. And I’m sick of the people eating hot dogs and chatting away during the anthem now claiming to be offended by how other people act.

  7. Typical liberal lefty spin job. Yahoo survey? Really? Okay. Go with that, but this typical lefty reaching is a sign that you know you’re on the losing side of this stupid battle.

    Of course there will be some to go to games, but when stadiums go from 3/4 full to 1/3 full, and ratings drop even further than they already were falling? You’ll see the reality and not the typical liberal fantasy that the left tries to push.

    You kneel! We walk! Period!

    Protest another way.

  8. We interviewed 1,000 people at the riots (err protests) and 52% said they were ok with it.

    Print it!

  9. What about the people that don’t care at all what other adults do, especially when it doesn’t affect me in any way, shape or form? Do we get a voice? I want to strongly voice my indifference.

  10. Well that’s good.
    Because everybody knows that kneeling before a football game accomplishes so much more than, you know, doing research to find and identify problem precincts around the country, vocalizing local complaints citing clear examples and a unified message, developing viable likeminded potential candidates to run against corrupt incumbents, and voting out the cancers that lead to systematic racism.

  11. Its not fine with me. I don’t support disrespecting the National Anthem by kneeling when its playing. The politicians who support this National disgrace probably are doing it only to get votes. Sounds like another “FAKE” poll.

  12. It doesn’t matter what the polls say. The NFL learned from experience that even those not okay with it will still stick around as fans. Every article on this dating back to the Kaepernick days has the same comments near the top from people swearing they’re done with the NFL yet for some reason they still religiously visit sites covering the sport they’ve forever abandoned.

  13. Polls are unfailingly accurate. Ask President H. Clinton.
    They didn’t take russia into account.

  14. Of course they’re ok with it. But when given the chance to hide behind their anonymous screen names, the real bigotry comes out.

  15. Is this like the poll that showed that “most Native Americans” were offended by Washington Redskins nickname? PFT and polls have a sketch history. It’s hard to re-establish credibility when you push an obvious liberal agenda and call it news. Look at CNN.

  16. Yahoo News is left leaning, so it’s not very accurate.
    And Fox news is?

  17. Shocking that people would be more sympathetic to the cause when they just watched a guy get his neck kneeled on for 9 minutes.

  18. It all depends on how it is worded and what question is actually being asked.

    I don’t like it and wouldn’t do it myself but I understand it and support it if that’s how players choose to protest.

    I think the better protest would be for every player/staff on both teams to join on the field after the whistle blows for kick-off and lay on the ground for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

    That will get people talking and they can’t complain about “disrespecting the flag”.

    Delaying the start of a televised game for 8 minutes and 46 seconds would make waves. What are they going to do? Flag and fine everyone for delay of game?

  19. So at least 36% are offended by people kneeling for the flag and that’s ok because it fits your agenda. But only a select few find the term “Redskins” to be offensive yet there is a call for the name to be changed. The double standard is comical!

  20. Not a fan of players kneeling, however, I think players that kneel and place their hand over their heart are showing that they are trying not to disrespect the flag, nation and veterans but still protest social injustice…..

  21. Its coercion…’Either you get on board and submit allegiance to the BLM narratives or you be branded a racist’.

  22. springfield says:
    June 11, 2020 at 3:03 pm
    Remember the poll that said Hillary was going to be president? I’m guessing it’s as accurate as this poll.
    The poll predicted that Clinton would win the majority of the votes because that’s what polls do and in the end guess what happened? She won the majority of the votes by +2% just as the poll indicated she would within the 3 percent margin of error.

  23. The point is to peacefully bring attention to police brutality and racial injustice. If no one cared if players kneel or stand it wouldn’t be a very useful protest. It’s supposed to garner attention. The NFL seems to have embraced this now and I think many players will be kneeling for quite some time until enough has changed that they feel that a protest is no longer warranted. Anyone who is offended or disagrees can choose not to watch, and it seems the NFL will accept that… Or at least that’s the impression they are currently giving.

  24. Any one with common sense knows that any pool cat get the desired outcome depending upon how the question is asked. Polls mean very little.

  25. lol. the commenters on this site, cumulatively, are so predictable.

    Further evidence that everyone who hates the idea of kneeling still can’t grasp what the flag represents. Pro tip: if you think the flag, or the national anthem, is a sole representation of the troops, you’re the problem, and I bet most of your opinions are formed based on images shared on Facebook.

  26. I’m ok with players exercising their right to freedom of expression. I’m also ok with the owners exercising their right to not resign any of them when contracts expire.

  27. Yahoo? May as well have had Kapernick supporters do this. I promise you, white fans will not put up with “here’s why white people are so terrible to black people” rhetoric. If there’s one thing this lockdown has shown is that people don’t need sports in their lives. If I were the nfl, I would try to have business as usual instead of stomp on their majority audience.

  28. Nonsense. Yahoo polls should not be trusted. And count me out as far as agreeing on kneeling. America has given these players everything they have. The least they can do is show a little respect to their country for 2 minutes before the game.

  29. I absolutely do not find it odd that the demographics of who was polled is absent the article. Weird. Show your work.

  30. They never asked me. I support police reform, but I am not okay with football players disrespecting the USA by proxy by kneeling disrespectfully during the National Anthem. If they wanted to do something else like kneeling before the National Anthem which a number of teams did in 2016, including Drew Brees and the NO Saints, I would be fine with that.

  31. I just want to watch football. I could honestly not care any less if you kneel or not anymore. I’m there to watch football. They don’t even televise the anthem before the games, at least not until the kneeling, then suddenly everyone cared.

    All they’re trying to do by kneeling is bring attention to a cause that only the worst, most racist people would be against in the first place.

    Give it a break already and let’s watch some football. If you want idiotic political drama, go to CNN.


  32. No issue with kneeling as long as its not during the anthem. The explanation of its not about the flag or country is bologna. If its not then why do it during the anthem.

  33. You guys. It’s a survey, not an attack or critique on your opinion. You can disagree; no one is stopping you. What is a lot less endearing is the defensiveness, as if the sheer fact that perspectives on the issue are shifting is a threat to your existence. It’s really not.

    Leave your grievances out of it.

  34. I remember we were confidently told Hillary had a 91% chance of winning too.
    Go ahead NFL, why don’t you all kneel and see how accurate that poll is.

  35. I guess watching a guy die brutally by a cop with his knee on his neck like some big game hunter can change some minds or understanding…

  36. I”m fine with it. It was never about the flag, or patriotism, or the military. It’s about every citizen (and visitor to our country) being treated equally, regardless of skin color. You know, ALL men (people) being created equal and liberty and justice for ALL. (even non-citizens). That kind of thing.

  37. As long as it’s not kneeling on an innocent person’s neck, that is fine. Served, enlisted & officer.

  38. What they forgot to tell you is when they did this poll/survey, the margin of error rate was 52%.

  39. If this poll was taken three months ago, the result would have been different. And if you take this poll three months from now, the results also may be different. Three months ago and today don’t really matter. Let’s see what people think in three months when they (hopefully) start to play football.

  40. Remember the poll that said Hillary was going to be president? I’m guessing it’s as accurate as this poll.


    The national poll was spot on. Clinton’s popular vote win was within the margin

  41. You know that thing you were tired of arguing about four years ago? Do you want to argue about it again? Maybe not…

  42. It should read Poll finds most Americans *polled* OK with players kneeling.

    Suggesting that this applies to most of the American population, as the title reads, is just a silly stretch and/or click bait.

  43. I couldn’t care less what they do, but if the kneeling started to raise awareness to the issue of police brutality then what exactly are they raising awareness for now? All it’s going to do is take an issue people are pretty united on and cause a divide

  44. Apparently we will find out. Watch those ratings and see what americans really think about it.

  45. Yahoo? Should of had the poll on MSNBC? You act like that is gospel that people will support it. I just came back last year after the kneeling was done..do it again and you will see how many people really care about it..just do it!

  46. I have no problem with people kneeling. Do I like it? No. Yet, it’s that freedom to kneel is what makes America great.

    I just hope they are kneeling not just for the cases of police brutality but the suspension of all violence. Mass police brutality is not the true plight of black Americans. Urban centers continue to be fraught with violence. It’s horrible. To put police shootings in a bit of perspective, in Chicago alone in 2020, there have been 1,260 shootings and 256 homicides with blacks being the primary victims. This has to stop.

  47. Without taking sides, in what universe does 52 percent of anything qualify as “most?”
    At best it’s a razor-thin majority, which could easily be wrong within the plus-minus allowance for error on any poll.

  48. 52% of the crowd they targeted to get favorable numbers…

    I can find 52% of people that want Kaep in prison if you let me run a poll. It’s not hard to produce numbers in any direction.

  49. “Poll finds most Americans OK with players kneeling”

    and those that aren’t will holler “fake news” and refuse to accept the simple truth.

  50. I believe you may have written enough articles bashing people for having a problem. So there’s that. Any one who had a problem with it was only referring to time and place of said kneeling. No one with any moral fiber was mad at the actual cause. And that was always the problem.

  51. And what has Yahoo contributed to anything in the last 15 years? Why don’t we Ask Jeeves what he thinks, while we’re at it?

  52. Most people seem fine with any protest, as long as it agrees with their side. When the right wingers were armed and marching on governor’s homes and state capitals, they were fine with it and the left didn’t care for it. When the recent protests happened, the right has been complaining about it. [Note: I am referring to the peaceful protests recently, not the looting and burning, which no one is a fan of.]

    For my part, while I may consider one side or the other to be over the top at times, all sides should be able to PEACEFULLY protest. If that includes kneeling prior to games, it does not bother me one bit. And, as long as it is peaceful, others should take it for what it is, and not turn it into what they have said it isn’t (it isn’t about the flag, troops, or anything related to that).

  53. Funny how the people that get so upset over “disrespecting the flag” are the same ones that wear flag bathing suites, underwear and such. All of which are clearly against flag etiquette. There’s a great photo that you can easliy find with a simple Google search of a Jets fan wearing a shirt that says “I stand for the anthem” while he’s sitting on the ground with a flag under him. Clearly this is not about disrespecting the flag, and that goes for the players kneeling (it’s never been about the flag) and those complaining.

  54. It would be interesting to see how many of those who oppose the kneeling are also upset that Nascar took away displaying the participation flag.

  55. Is it “OK” to kneel, meaning “allowable”? Sure. But is it best?

    To me, the playing of the National Anthem should be a chance to come together and say, “our country is not perfect, and we’ve been through a lot, but we all stand together as Americans.”

    If you want to take a knee during the coin toss or during the open kickoff, awesome.

  56. We’ll see if 52% of the fans, you know the folks that are spending their money, approve of it.

  57. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    June 11, 2020 at 3:03 pm
    DON’T speak for me. I’m not ok with it. In 2019 I was allowed to have a opinion.
    ….not ok with it?
    Go back to your country………

  58. For me it’s simple. It has NOTHING to do with politics. It’s about protesting for human rights.
    I love this country as much as the next guy. But what kind of country do you want to live in? One where we are scared to voice our opinion?
    That’s not the America I know.
    All lives won’t matter until black lives matter.

  59. I would say look at your own readers’ comments and which ones are most favored for a proper barometer of how people feel, and these are the ones who actually watch the games.

  60. springfield says:
    June 11, 2020 at 3:03 pm
    Remember the poll that said Hillary was going to be president? I’m guessing it’s as accurate as this poll.


    Not a fan of Hillary, but is it the poll’s fault that she got 2.9 mil more votes and still lost?

    Also, love the “I don’t like the results, so I’ll attack the poll” approach. Wondering if you’d be making a different comment if the headline were “80% of Americans think kneeling is horrible and should be outlawed.”

  61. Social justice warriors are killing sports. Look at actual police statistics before claiming falsehoods. Stop disrespecting this country, or you may lose it.

  62. I’m good with it, and I practice kneeling during the anthem as my first amendment right allows me to.

  63. For justice against police brutality? yes. I’m Trump and I approved this message.

  64. People say one thing but think another. It’s dangerous to speak up if you don’t agree with everything being put forward by social engineers. You could end up publicly shamed and without a job. The silent majority will let their voice be heard by not buying tickets and voting in November.

  65. Truth Bomb…. Polls ask people questions and then tally the results. The 2016 election had Clinton winning by 3%…. she won the popular vote by over 3 million votes. Pretty damn accurate. Polls do not predict electoral college… obviously. So educate yourself when you bring up the 2016 election and polls…

  66. I was never in favor of the expression, maybe it’s because I have served in a war zone. I find it offensive. People that say it’s not about the flag are also the same people that ignore that it offends many who have defended the flag. I do know this, I will not watch another National Anthem at a sporting event if the respect that is intended is taken away.

  67. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    June 11, 2020 at 3:03 pm
    DON’T speak for me. I’m not ok with it. In 2019 I was allowed to have a opinion.

    No one spoke for YOU, no one implied YOU’RE ok with it, no one took away anybody’s right to an opinion, all this did was break down the statistics of a random sampling of people interviewed and reported the results.

    Sorry that you’re in the minority, hopefully that 4-syllable word doesn’t trigger you further.

  68. Another fraud poll from the left. One would only have to scan the comments on this post or any other related post on other forums to see where the majority of people really stand. Fake polls and stories like this only make the situation worse.

  69. See the words at the end of the question? “to protest police killings of African Americans” That’s Not what the Kaepernick did. Kaep stated he was protesting the flag, because of social injustice. Get the question right instead of this propaganda type questions. And then ask the question on non-biased website; not Yahoo.

  70. They always announce before the National Anthem to please stand and honor the men and women that gave their lives for the United States of America. This is NOT the time and place to kneel down. Find another time to do it, and be happy we are free.

  71. I find it odd people watch football for political reasons. If you’re watching football for politics, find a new hobby.

  72. Remember the poll that said Hillary was going to be president? I’m guessing it’s as accurate as this poll.
    The polls you’re referring to said Hillary would win by 3-4%. She won by 2% so they were actually very accurate. The mistake was that the media reported the national popularity polls and ignored the Electoral College. So yeah, this poll is probably fairly accurate.

  73. I’d like to see the Venn diagram of people who feel that kneeling is disrespectful to the flag or anthem and those who have no problem with the Confederate flag flying at a NASCAR event. I’m guessing there’s a fair bit of overlap. Cognitive dissonance.

  74. You know Pat Tillman gave up his career and paid the the ultimate price with his life for what he believed in , I wonder how many of these Pro Athletes are willing to do that … want to fix a problem then get out there and fix it with blood sweat and tears , go learn a trade where it would be beneficial to rebuilding a community wether that be a carpenter , plumber , electrician or police officer. Seems no one wants to go put in the long hard hours to make things right … Imagine that. And to make things clear I’m speaking of all demographics of people , there are people of all races living in some really crappy conditions.

  75. Polls mean nothing as you don’t define who was actually polled, when, where, and what outcome do really expect now that this is a hot button issue? Personally, don’t care, kneel, sit, stand but as you do that also remember most of you are making a lot more money in one year than a lot of military make in a lifetime who fight for you to have these rights. Nice to do what you want in a free country but remember how you got there, they deserve recognition and a voice also.

  76. I wasn’t polled, but kneel guys! (white, black, Hispanic) I am a HUGE football fan, father to a D-1 4 year football lineman. Black Lives Matter and players should advocate for safer conditions for black and brown men in police custody. They are owed the same deference that white men get.

  77. Why don’t you take a poll here Mr. Florio. These are true football fans that you’re catering to. I bet you won’t.

  78. All for it, flag burning too, That flag doesn’t mean the same to everyone, I hate what it’s become

  79. Did the poll include how often these folks who are okay with kneeling actually watch an NFL football game?

  80. Poll taken when? Taken after Kap was re-re-recut from the NFL or today when everything is considered Racist or ‘part of the problem’ ????????????? Which one do you think it was.

  81. I’m fine with them doing whatever makes them happy, i just don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish by kneeling at this point. If they are outraged by the behavior of some police officers (which is justified), they have several avenues to say exactly what they want to say without risk of their non-verbal action (kneeling) being misinterpreted (as disrespect to the flag). We all know that the players (and hopefully all of humanity) are against police brutality and with this being the biggest topic in the country right now, kneeling to “bring awareness” isn’t necessary. If the players are doing this to show support that’s fine as long as their actions align with that, I just don’t like when it’s done to build a brand.

    One thing to consider on the timing aspect of it (during the anthem), I can see how the 3 minutes or so of the National Anthem would be a special time of pride and reflection for a veteran (although I’m not one). So i can see how they might not appreciate a millionaire athlete taking that spotlight/moment from them even if they don’t believe that taking a knee is disrespectful to the flag.

  82. Kneeling will become as effective as those those silly ribbons!
    Players should do something constructive in neighborhoods where the young are brought up hate and fear the police. Build relationships with the police so that if they are stopped they don’t immediately cop an attitude and run afoul with the law!

  83. The polls are wrong. The NFL is headed for huge divide. Just stop showing the anthem being played or eliminate from games
    Otherwise, be prepared to piss off masses of Patriots sick of current events as riots, looting, arson, and killing of innocent people attempting to protect their businesses or homes.

  84. Clinton didn’t win the White House it’s true.
    but the polls were right that she would receive a lot more votes.
    3.5 million more votes.

    Whose side are you guys on anyway?
    The Founding Fathers would have hated you.

  85. Polls can be and usually are manipulated for the outcome most desired by those who are conducting the poll, or by those who commissioned it.

    NOT A SINGLE POLL had Trump winning the 2016 election. Not ONE.

  86. That’s great news!!!

    People getting triggered by a peaceful protest.


  87. WHATEVER!…. just tape it and fast forward to the start of the game..
    if you are at the game, pay attention to the flag and not the attention seekers..
    Even better, leave the players in the locker room to kneel and they come out after…


  88. The poll should be if the paying fans are okay with it. I am on the verge of canceling season tickets in my city( Indianapolis) if they do. And the team agrees with them. We have held 10 season tickets for more than 25 Years.

  89. We already knew most Americans were okay with it. Unfortunately, the vocal minority are the ones who make a stink about it. So it LOOKS worse than it is. And the coward white-folks who are scared to say “It’s fine that they do this” make things worse.

    Talk about a coward, I dont agree with the method nor do most people I know. I think you have it backwards, most people don’t agree with it but are afraid to be bullied by the likes of people like you. The cowards are the ones taking the knee………
    Other ways than pissin half the fan based off. The message is getting lost.

  90. Hoping I can score some better seats from the people giving them up.


  91. Aloha,
    Majority of peopled polled in favor of free speech? In favor of the right to petition the government for the relief of grievances?
    Young People 18-29: 68% in favor.
    Old People 65 and older: 36% in favor.

    Gee, I wonder which way the curve of history is bending?

    Those 65-and older people receive most of the federal benefits paid out to citizens and own most of the countries wealth.They have the lowest cost healthcare and get meal discounts at Denny’s.Of course they don’t want things to change!
    I’m just saying.

    PPS I am 70 yrs old.

  92. It’s a start , I’m glad to see people are slowly realizing what it’s really all about.

  93. im sure most of America would also be OK with athletes making less money.

  94. *** HA. 1st player to take a knee during the anthem and I’m out. I will then boycott the NFL sponsors whenever possible. I AM NOT ALONE.

  95. I am so tired of players and other celebrities faking their real feelings in order to protect their brands. The almighty dollar speaks volumes over their real feelings

  96. Thank God that our country is a place where we are all free to express ourselves. Players have the right to kneel in protest against police violence and those who are offended can stop patronizing the NFL if they so choose.

    “I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”

    –James Baldwin

  97. Kneeling during the anthem is has the same effect as peeing on a forest fire. But hey, keep wasting your time & your reputation doing it, NFL knuckleheads.

  98. First, this country was built on protest, or did many of you skip history class? Second, protest is intended to make you uncomfortable. Seems like this is working. If you’re offended by someone kneeling, but it causes you to think about why it is happening, mission accomplished. You are entitled to your opinion, but let’s be honest. There are things in this world that are just wrong. These last four years (and most of the preceding thirty-five) are some of them. Also, why is it that opinions from athletes don;t matter? Do yours matter more? Are you sayingthat because you paid for a ticket, it gives you the right to dehumanize them? What people are qulaified to have opinions in America? Just non-athletes? Do the people who teach your children, or cook your food, or pick up your trash, or play music, or are homeless on the street…do their opinions counrt? Or is it just the ones who entertain you? What if someone told you that your opinion doesn’t matter because they pay you? For those of you saying you won’t watch again, see you in the fall when you will be right back here complaining about it.

  99. I legit don’t care. I get why they think they need to do it, I get why some people think they should be offended by it… I just really really REALLY wish people would stop talking about it. Who cares, seriously, everyone play nice and let’s just play some football!

  100. Simply play the anthem just prior to the players coming out.

    It used to be this way about 10 or 15 years ago, put it back like it was.

  101. If your against it ask yourself why does it really matter for you (or if) when it means so much for someone else.

  102. If they poll people who actually are NFL fans and go to the games see what the numbers are…

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