Bret Bielema files $7 million lawsuit against Razorback Foundation

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Giants outside linebackers coach Bret Bielema has filed a $7 million lawsuit against the Razorback Foundation, the non-profit fundraising arm for Arkansas athletics, Michael McCann of Sportico reports.

The case, which could become key precedent for duty to mitigate clauses in coaches’ contracts, was filed in Arkansas federal court.

Bielema claims the foundation breached its contract when it didn’t complete payments on a nearly $12 million buyout the sides agreed upon in 2017. He received approximately $4.3 million in monthly installments until January 2019 when the foundation stopped paying.

The foundation argues Bielema has willfully refused to mitigate the amount of money owed to him, according to Sportico. The duty to mitigate is the obligation of a fired coach still owed money to make reasonable efforts to find another job, offsetting money owed by the previous employer.

Bielema served as Arkansas’ head coach from 2013-17, going 29-34 in five seasons. He worked as a consultant to Patriots coach Bill Belichick in 2018 and was New England’s defensive line coach last season.

Marshall Ney, the attorney for the Razorback Foundation, told Sportico that Bielema filed suit to avoid being sued.

“What I can share at this point before digesting the entire document is that the Foundation previously demanded that Bret Bielema return the $4,555,833.29 that had been paid to him prior to the Foundation’s discovery of his multiple material breaches of the agreement,” Ney told Sportico.

14 responses to “Bret Bielema files $7 million lawsuit against Razorback Foundation

  1. Brett Bielema demonstrated his lack of coaching compassion by the way he left Wisconsin prior to his move to Arkansas. Then he demonstrated his lack of coaching ability by having a losing record during his tenure at Arkansas. So he can apply for all the jobs he wants in order to mitigate the obligations of the Razorback Foundation, but given his track record with poor player relations, lousy recruiting, and poor coaching ability who would want to hire him?

  2. He had already been exposed as a lousy coach and person while at Wisconsin. He had a NC contender with the Russell Wilson team. Their only liability was a head coach who loved to get sloppy drunk with his players. Why is the Patriots organization a party to this mess?

  3. Piece of crap in Wisconsin, piece of crap in Arkansas, and soon to be a piece of crap in New York.

  4. After how he treated his mentor and the one guy (Barry Alvarez) who gave him a chance, he deserves everything bad that karma can deliver. But I guess I shouldn’t say that because it’s anti-White.

  5. Total slimebag. Always has been.

    Of course the question is why Arkansas chose to overlook this readily demonstrated trait when they hired him.

  6. Wait.. they paid over $16 million for Bret Bielema? Do they know how many Cam Newton’s and Reggie Bush’s they can buy with that kind of money?

  7. Bielma quit as head coach at Wisconsin with his team heading to the Rose Bowl to take the job at Arkansas. The guy has no loyalty. I’m amazed anyone will hire him for any job.

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