Matt Ryan: NFC South is tough, but it’s about us

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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is expecting a tough battle in the NFC South this year, but he likes his team’s chances.

Ryan said the Buccaneers were already a good team before adding Tom Brady, and he thinks the Saints and Panthers are going to be good opponents as well.

“Their team was tough last year,” Ryan said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Their defense was really, really good. Real tough to go against. I expect them to be really good [and a] tough competitor. Same with New Orleans. Same with Carolina. The division has been tough for a long time. I think it’s about us, though. The mindset is that we have to have, is that we [must] have ourselves prepared and be ready to go.”

Ryan thinks the Falcons have a good chance of competing in the division.

“I have the belief that we are right there with all of those teams,” Ryan said. “They have to deal with us as well. We create a number of issues for these teams to go against. If we play our best, we can go toe-to-toe with anyone, any week.”

The Falcons have finished a disappointing 7-9 two years in a row. If they can’t compete in the NFC South this year, major changes are likely coming to Atlanta.

22 responses to “Matt Ryan: NFC South is tough, but it’s about us

  1. You are delusional Matty !!! Weakest team in the division. You want Kap to have a job—he may well have yours as Falcons panic sets in. LOL

  2. Ryan believes he is an elite QB, but in the end he is no more than a good QB. With the talent around him he has still not delivered a championship. Far too arrogant to think it is all about Atlanta.

  3. Top to bottom best 3 divisions in NFL (in no particular order): AFC West, NFC West, NFC South.

  4. cebert44 says:
    June 12, 2020 at 7:39 am
    You won’t even make the playoffs.


    7-9 for the 3rd straight year sounds about right. There was no reason not to blow up this team after last year, especially after looking at the rest of the division going into 2020 and realizing that you can’t compete with either of them.

  5. How can Matt Ryan even sleep the night before playing Tom Brady?

    You know Tom is going to sell hello to Matt before the game.

    Tom: Hi Matt, how is your family?

    Matt: Good how is yours?

    Tom: Well, I don’t have to tell you how good I got it. Im in every magazine and all over the internet. By the way you remember the Super bowl we played in?

    Matt: Yeah

    Tom: That was awesome. Anyways have a good game.

  6. What experience will Brady be able to call in in order to mount a comeback in any game vs. the Falcons this year? Nothing is ringing a bell…

  7. There are 283 reasons why the Falcons will finish third in the NFL South. So with all those reason I would agree with Matty Ice, it is all about us.

  8. The posters on this comment board have convinced me. As a Falcons fan I’m ready to return to those glory days of Atlanta quarterbacks before Matt Ryan arrived. After all, I lost count of how many blown coverages and missed tackles Ryan had as the Pats reeled off 31 straight points in the Super Bowl. And don’t even get me started on that block Ryan missed that caused a key fumble. Clearly Matt Ryan is the source of all that’s bad for the Falcons. And that stone wall of an offensive line than protects Ryan so well. (Man what a bunch of football idiots)

  9. The biggest problem with the NFC South is that they play each other twice a year thereby eroding their real values. It could be possible for at least 3 or all 4 to make the playoffs if they didn’t have to compete against each other so much.

  10. Arthur Blank and trophy wife – walked down from the their box to the field too early

    Devonta Freeman – missed a critical block

    Kyle – I have a HC job in this league due to pure nepotism – Shanahan pooped his big boy Offensive Coordination pants. And gave an encore pants-poop in last years SB.

    Dan Quinn, well who knows what he did. Obviously not enough

  11. Swapping Devonta Freeman with Todd Gurley is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  12. “I have the belief that we are right there with all of those teams,” Ryan said.

    Yeah and my 6 year old has a belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Toothferry, but that doesn’t jive with reality. Your belief is based on false information, just like my 6 year olds.

  13. its a tough division but im predicting it wont be as good as everyone thinks. panthers have real potential to be picking 1st in the next draft. no talent on that roster.

  14. Best case scenario, Matt Rhule doesn’t adjust to the NFL quickly and the Falcons edge out the Panthers for third in the division. However, they’ll most likely finish a distant fourth.

  15. The Falcons will face two old QBs and a rebuilding team in the division. If they can’t win now, they never will.

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