Putting the NFL’s $250 million commitment in context

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The NFL has committed to spending $250 million over the next 10 years to combat systemic racism and fight injustices against blacks. That’s great. It’s impressive. It’s awesome. And it’s $250 million more than was committed to the effort as of Thursday at this time.

But let’s put the $250 million in perspective. As noted yesterday, it works out to $781,250 per team per year. The minimum salary for rookies this year is $610,000.

The Chargers and Rams paid $645 million each for the privilege of relocating to L.A. The Raiders paid $350 million to move to Las Vegas. That works out to extra revenue, for doing absolutely nothing, of more than $50 million per team.

Again, $250 million is an impressive gesture. It’s money that no team is required to spend. And it presumably will help the cause.

But this calls for more than statements and donations. While those are good, they are the bare minimum, if not less than that. At a time of national unrest, the National Football League has a greater obligation than to throw words and cash at the problem. The league must lead from ahead, not from behind.

In this moment, the NFL must do three things. First, the NFL must repair Colin Kaepernick. Second, the Washington franchise must change its name. Third, the owners must speak in unconditional support of the ability of players to protest during the national anthem, with a clear commitment that there will be no repercussions of any kind for players who choose to not stand.

And, yes, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones must speak. He always has something to say, about anything and everything. At a time when the NFL may think it’s enough to commit to spending $250 million, the man who has a $250 million boat needs to address these issues.

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  1. I get it… it’s like you or me throwing 38¢ at the thing blah blah blah… but that’s a helluva lot of cash to hopefully do some good and continue to educate. Besides, that money comes from us; the people that go to games, buy merchandise, watch it on TV and pay a cable/satellite bill, but anything that sponsors a team or league. Where does the NFL get their money from? ALL of us!

  2. Gosh, seems whatever is offered it’s never enough.

    250 million is 250 million that wasn’t there before. Is anyone ever happy? Sad world we live in where 250 million is now as if it were just a $5 donation.

  3. “At a time of national unrest, the National Football League has a greater obligation than to throw words and cash at the problem”.
    Why does a sports league have a greater obligation to solve social problems? If something the NFL is providing millions of dollars to a lot of African American athletes. At least the NFL is doing more than any other people or organization.

  4. This is why those with wealth grow wary of those without it and often become hesitant to be generous. Because whatever you do, it will never be “enough” and never really be appreciated.

    Everyone else (especially those that are doing little or nothing themselves) will always have new ideas about what YOU should be doing though.

  5. Man, the NFL just can’t get out of its own way. It doesn’t appear the NFL owners will ever appreciate the African-American people that are the pistons of the league as anything more than a commodity to placate.

  6. …2.5 mil a year …pales when you have privy paying up to 6.5 mil to buy their brats a spot on an ivy league school roster.


  7. they will do the bare minimum to give the appearance of giving a crap, but they don’t, and likely never will care about anything other than money. Look at how they tried to sweep away the CTE issue or the domestic violence stuff, they really only acted when they were shamed into doing so

  8. A society that continues to produce Middle Class defenders of billionaire money hoarders is sick and damaged.

  9. 250 million is a hell of a lot more, than most of the multimillionaire players are doing, besides taking a knee of course.

  10. tajuara, it’s not just a “social” problem, it’s a cultural problem. Sports, entertainment, etc. are all part of our culture. Hence, many believe that those mediums/industries have a responsibility to be voices for change. They have the platform to reach the most people, they have the ability to change the way people think. Stop and think about the words, music, thoughts, fashion, and ideas that you have that come from music, sports, movies, even books. These are the things that drive and create our culture.
    Now, you can make the argument that those industries have NO responsibility to help change culture, but if you believe that “with great power comes great responsibility”, then it is incumbent on those with power to make sure that they use it wisely. And, if we agree that all men (people) are created equal, if we agree that the Constitution provides for equal justice under that law, regardless of race, creed or national origin, if we agree that we are “…One nation, (under God) indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” then it IS the responsibility of those with the means, and the platforms, and the power, to make those changes happen.
    We can get into government “of the people, by the people and for the people…” at some other time.

  11. Great post Mike. Personal/corporate avarice is one of the root causes of the many issues that we are grappling with. The NFL is “THE” #1 sports league in the world, it sets an example and hopefully higher standard that others will/should follow. Providing the NFL’s donation within the context as outlined above clearly reflects that the $250 mil donated is a pretty # to look at/read but in reality it isn’t that big of a donation (similar to the COVID donations). We’re talking about a majority of owners that are worth not millions but billions people! The NFL should lead, set the standard, raise the bar, kick inequities arse. Helping others has always felt better to me than taking – so make a difference NFL owners and feel good about it!

  12. Take the donation out of the salary cap of each team…then we’ll find out how serious the players are.

  13. Collectordude – many studies have confirmed that judging people based on skin tone is taught and not human nature. Since it is taught, it can also be un-taught.

  14. So ummm the league still has a team called the “Redskins”. Maybe they should start with addressing that?

  15. collectordude says:
    June 12, 2020 at 11:58 am
    Cannot change human nature. No matter how much money you throw at it.
    …. exactly.
    systemic racism. does not require much money to cure at all.

  16. “correctingerrors says:
    June 12, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    Collectordude – many studies have confirmed that judging people based on skin tone is taught and not human nature. Since it is taught, it can also be un-taught.”

    As with nearly everything social in humans, it’s almost certainly a combination of nature AND nurture. To pretend otherwise because it would be easier to get rid of if it were totally nurture isn’t going to actually help

  17. I keep seeing these very large cash donations for the fight for social justice, etc. My suspicion is that there is about a dozen people that are gonna get RICH!!!!!! off of this, and in 10 years we will all be wondering where the money went, and why the changes never happened…

  18. Florio is one of the few white people who actually get it. This is a gesture by the NFL, nothing more, nothing less.

    We want CHANGE.

  19. Or, “NFL teams will have one honorary roster spot each year. The salary for this spot, each season, will go to local charitable organizations who are helping to promote equality in all aspects of their community.”

  20. 1. Repair Colin Kaepernick
    2. Redskins change name
    3. Support player protests
    4. 60% of NFL fans tune-out and do something better with their time & money.

  21. Give it to scholarship funds for minorities to attend college that otherwise wouldn’t. Require business/engineering/science/entrepreneurship degrees, etc. Didn’t the league put $90 mil into social endeavors about a year or two ago as well? $340 mil. That’s more than $10 mil per team, not chump change. Each team also, I presume, donates money to things like United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. already as well. Sports have generally been very good to charities. And as the astute reader noted above, fans pay for it all,

  22. I am ok they are leading with a donation. Which incidentally comes after an apology. Last year and for years before that they did nothing.

    I get your Utopian attitude that everyone should drop years or decades of behavior in terms of doing the “right thing” today. But change is hard. Sometimes it is the smaller steps (and this is no small step, nor does it have anything to do with player salary since this comes directly from revenue and impacts profitability).

    You can actually prevent change by minimizing the steps along the way.

  23. Actually, the NFL doesn’t have to do any of these. And I hope they don’t.

  24. I will not watch another nfl game until the hire more white players. There’s not enough and I’m offended by that.

  25. A question was asked on a sports radio talk show. Where would sports be without white america I thought it was a interesting question

  26. Why are you worried about Jerry’s money and assets? That has nothing to do with this. He earned that money the same way you earned your estate. Hypocrite

  27. browns64 says:
    June 12, 2020 at 6:07 pm
    A question was asked on a sports radio talk show. Where would sports be without white america I thought it was a interesting question
    ….a more interesting question is where would America be if it wasn’t founded in hipocrisy?

  28. bloodonhishands says:
    June 12, 2020 at 11:30 am
    A society that continues to produce Middle Class defenders of billionaire money hoarders is sick and damaged.
    That’s why I keep saying educate the whites. They think an education and good medical system for their children is evil.

  29. Too bad this site doesn’t accept memes. I would definitely use that man rubbing hands together (yellow suit guy) and photoshop Al Sharpton’s face on it. All the usual professional grievance mongers are already lining up for their cut-and plan to fund their lifestyle rather than do anything besides stir up more divisiveness in hopes of more payouts.

    Wasted money.

  30. 25 million per year is nice, but what will it be used for in concrete terms rather than empty pie-in-sky phrases? Why must the NFL unconditionally support the players kneeling during the National Anthem? They should do everything in their power to discourage such kneeling and encourage them to kneel outside of the Anthem. The players say that they are not trying to disrespect the Flag, the Anthem, or the Country, but as long as they kneel during the Anthem, the talk and debate will be about the players and NOT about police reform. I wish the players could get a clue, because they have wasted four years.

  31. Football is a team sport of unity and all most of you want to do is promote division.
    This will be confirmed by the amount of disagree votes below.
    If you don’t care about black players, and your fellow Americans in general, follow tennis. Better still, golf! You know dam well, it’s not about the flag but you insist it’s an insult. And better still, don’t watch the NFL- it doesn’t need you. You’re day has come and soon to be going .

  32. Great time to remind us how much pft makes and how much you have donated. How much was that exactly?

  33. 99% of the problems with police are because someone broke the law. Funny how me and my friends don’t have trouble with the police.

  34. And fraud will go through the roof, any time anyone announces a big pile of cash is going to be laid out there the crooks are always trying to come up with ways to get their hands on it, it’d be smarter if they did these kinds of things without announcing them!

    But we all know the NFL isn’t very smart!

  35. Money only means something to those who value it. People want fair treatment. That can not be bought or given lip service. If justice is good for one…then it is good for all. No discussion or compromise is acceptable.

  36. Where is this money going? HOW is it going to be used to do all of this stuff.

    In fact, how has all of the money donated so far been used? I see no results. Just talk.

  37. Well, Florio, you’ve outdone yourself. Ok, $250,000,000 isn’t a ton of money. Not like Amazon, who pledged a whopping $10,000,000. A company who’s stock is currently $2,500+, and rated to go to $3,300. A company who’s always looking for a tax cut handout, and who could be looking to put a distribution center in Detroit, instead of the richest area per capita in the US. A company whose founder, Jeff Bezos, net worth is more than the combined net worth of the NFL, and is projected to be the world’s first trillionaire. I guess he gets a pass because he owns the Washington Post, and he’s a leftist.

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