Report: Browns haven’t given up on signing Jadeveon Clowney

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Jadeveon Clowney remains a free agent. It’s not like he hasn’t had offers.

The Browns made Clowney the best offer he has received, according to a report last month, and he didn’t bite.

The Browns haven’t taken the hint, though.

They have not given up on signing the defensive end, Mary Kay Cabot of reports.

Bus Cook is the agent for both Clowney and Browns defensive end Myles Garrett. So while the Browns have started extension talks with Cook about Garrett, they also have continued talks about Clowney, according to Cabot.

Cleveland may end up being Clowney’s best option.

Josina Anderson reported this week that the Seahawks and Clowney haven’t talked in months. Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said Thursday that he has had no recent conversations with Cook about Clowney.

Clowney, 27, is recovering from surgery on a core muscle. The three-time Pro Bowler made 31 tackles, three sacks and an interception in 13 games last season in his first season in Seattle.

16 responses to “Report: Browns haven’t given up on signing Jadeveon Clowney

  1. Obviously teams don’t feel hes worth what he is asking. Maybe he should sign a short one or two year deal with Cleveland and prove he deserves the money somewhere else.

  2. Reportedly Clowney & Seahawks haven’t spoken in months…….I’ll bet the Seahawks have talked to his agent, though.

  3. He is overrated. He’s not a pass rusher and was over-drafted at #1 overall.
    I can see 12MM, but not 15mm and certainly not 18mm.
    A team would be better off paying a competent run-stuffer closer to 7MM/year and applying the difference towards a more crucial role.

  4. He’ll be a Cleveland Brown by the end of June. ….. and he’s gonna take of Big Ben.

  5. The Browns should keep there money and pass on the Clown I wish they would go after Griffin instead of this Clown. If there is anyone setup to take the money and have a sub par year it is this Clown

  6. I diss the 1 year deal for him. To prove himself? He has already proved himself. We know what he is. Hes an above average player that is strong against the run. And he is NOT a pass rush specialist. You better believe he and his agent have his asking price EXCEPTIONALLY higher than his worth.

  7. Having said that, he does have value to a team such as the Browns. Any defender that can be used to help contain Lamar Jackson running twice every season has a value. But no where near $15 – 18 mill a season. 12…..maybe

  8. Would be a great move for the Browns. Could cut Olivier Vernon and get more value than the 15M your paying him.

  9. I thought the Saints were signing him—NOPE. The Saints will just waste his immense talent.

  10. Miami’s Corners > The rest of the NFL
    Tua > Baker
    Miami > Cleveland
    Devante Parker > Odell Beckham + Jarvis Landry combined
    Future cap space Miami > Cleveland
    Miami > Cleveland
    Brian > Current/next HC of the Browns
    Joe Burrow won’t be fun to play against twice a year. Only Cleveland could be eclipsed by Cincinnati.

    I will say this though, Myles Garrett is awesome so playing opposite him is a major draw. Might also be the reason Clowney is cut in 2 years when it’s hard to justify both contracts.

  11. So lets see…Bill O’Brien was run over the hot coals for dealing Clowney to Seattle.

    For letting Clowney go the Texans do NOT succumb and pay this clown $80M plus over a long term deal, get what appears to be an incredible young talent in Jacob Martin and a 3rd round pick. Whereas Seattle got him for 1 yr, paid him $15M and will get no compendsatory draft pick.

    Yet all the millennial “journalists” and “analysts” roasted O’Brien…why? because all those folks are good for is group-think…if one says it, all must say the same thing or be ostracized….that’s not journalism, that’s the 1920’s and 1930’s German…that’s what we’re seeing out there with the racist BLM slogan, taking over city blocks, etc….

    Bill O’Brien outsmarted Seattle, outsmarted the “journalists” and “analysts” (not a hard feat, just saying)…again…..just as he stole, literally stole Tunsil from Miami….

    as for O’Brien kneeling….dumb move….it’s 100% about the flag and anthem….if it wasn’t, those protests would take place at another time….not exactly rocket science.

  12. Clowney liked having his whole summer free in 2019, so I’m sure he feels the same about 2020. Why bother having to be tied to an organization and have to go on Zoom meetings all week and be available 24/7 to his employer. He will just sign some point end of August for 12 million and be happy making that for 4 months of work.

  13. Clowney said last year that he did not want the franchise tag. So Seattle gave him a one year contract.
    The first team that offers him a mult-year deal will probably get him.

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