Titans wrap up offseason program

Getty Images

NFL teams can continue their virtual offseason programs until June 26. It appears most are cutting them short.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel has seen everything he needs to see, calling it a wrap this week.

“I felt like this was the right time,” Vrabel said on a video call this week, via Teresa Walker of the Associated Press. “I didn’t want it to drag. I didn’t want to see these long faces in the meeting.”

Players aren’t allowed back in team facilities yet, so they’re working out on their own while waiting for word on when they will return. The NFL has yet to announce when training camps will start.

“I anticipate an earlier start to training camp,” Vrabel said. “So I felt like in order to allow for our players and their families to be emotionally and physically ready for the season, I wanted to try to give them some of that time, as well as our coaching staff, so that we could come back fresh and ready.”

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