Washington mayor says it is “past time” to change team name

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Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser has entered the fight over the name of her local football team.

During an interview on The Team 980, Bowser made her thoughts on the name clear.

I think it’s past time for the team to deal with [a name that] offends so many people,” she said, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “And this is a great franchise with a great history that’s beloved in history and it deserves a name that reflects the affection that we feel for the team.”

She also mentioned that opposition to such a suggestion might complicate the team’s hopes of a new stadium in the District. The team has also considered sites in Maryland and Virginia, though returning to the site of RFK Stadium has an obvious appeal.

“It’s an obstacle for us locally but it’s also an obstacle for the federal government who leases the land to us,” Bowser said of the stadium talks.

Given owner Dan Snyder’s pushback to any such calls, it may not appear likely that her words will have much weight.

But with so many things changing around us by the minute, and the NFL signaling an intention to create real change, pressure could mount.

26 responses to “Washington mayor says it is “past time” to change team name

  1. I would be surprised if it changes in my lifetime. I dont think it is that big an issue or will create enough of a pushback for it to happen. Especially if the owner has been stedfast in his rejection of the idea.

    Besides, the Redskins don’t even play in Washington DC anymore, so who cares what the Mayor’s opinion is

  2. a great Compromise would be, change it from Washington Redskins to Washington Warriors. You dont even have to change logo.

  3. I love seeing the R-words fans get all worked up over this. Really entertaining.

  4. Now she just needs to come up with approximately $3.4 billion and she can change it to whatever she wants.

  5. “And this is a great franchise”

    Saying delusional things like that won’t help.

  6. I still dont get why he resists this. It is literally money growing on trees if he changes the name. The hardcore fans of the Redskins name will buy up all the old Redskins gear, so no loss of money on the current stock in the team stores. And a great number of people will rush to buy up the new stuff, creating even more revenue. And then you will also sell gear to the weird people become a fan when things like this happens. You will see statements from these weirdos that is something like “they changed the name, I guess I will be a fan”. We just saw them flock to NASCAR, with their “now that they got rid of those flags I am gonna be a fan” garbage. LMFAO. Either way, its a win for Snyder to change the name.

  7. If Synder wants to call his franchise the “Washington Redskins”, it’s his right as an American business owner. Politicians should worry about bettering the live of their constituents, not NFL team names.

  8. You B. Crazy says:
    June 12, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    If Synder wants to call his franchise the “Washington Redskins”, it’s his right as an American business owner.

    Perhaps. But that business is part of a larger group called the NFL. It is not a standalone entity, despite antitrust court decisions…

  9. ….and maybe, just maybe this is why they’re tarping up seats at FedEx field. People are voting with feet and Danny boy is too stubborn to accept reality.

  10. Changing the Bullets name wasn’t hard.
    When you can’t do the right thing, you’re declaring yourself.
    How would Snyder like it if they named a team Moneygrubbers.
    You’d think a guy with his background would be racially sensitive.

  11. You B. Crazy says:
    June 12, 2020 at 2:33 pm
    If Synder wants to call his franchise the “Washington Redskins”, it’s his right as an American business owner. Politicians should worry about bettering the live of their constituents, not NFL team names.
    Politicians don’t work for us. They work for themselves.

  12. As a longtime fan that enjoys having a connection to Native Americans too, I believe calling the team The Tribe and/or The Washington Tribe while keeping the logo would be a great franchise name.

  13. He could change the name to the Washington Whatever and every fan of the franchise will be there because it’s not the name your a fan of it’s the team the franchise itself. The Washington Warriors is too easy buy more than likely it will not change without the other owners forcing his hand or us as fans stop supporting then you will have meaningful change.

  14. OH just change the name to the “WASHINGTON WARRIORS”. After all the
    “DOUBLE EAGLE FEATHER means A WARRIOR” for some tribes.
    You wouldn’t have to change the image at all ,
    People always taunted me with “REDSKIN”,I ALWAYS turned back around and said
    DAM F-CKING RIGHT I AM ,your just jealous because i have a “BETTER TAN THAN YOU” .

    Now go find your own land cause this land belongs to SIOUX NOT YOU

  15. Patriots offend as they were slave owners..change the name…saints..I’m sure offend Muslims..change the name..Vikings offend as they were maurauders and killers..change the name..cowboys were murders and criminals..change the name..chiefs… making fun of Indians..change name….it just never stops

  16. I’m entertained by fans who ridicule those who take the name issue as a serious matter for consideration, but seem to lose their own lunches simply over the mention of it (i.e., the topic).

    I’ve been an avid fan of the Skins since as early as 1982. I’ve voted conservative Republicanism for most of my adult life. I’m a white dude.

    I can’t imagine what it will/would be like to cheer for the team with a different mascot name. Nonetheless, it’s not like my life would be changed for the worse if that happened. If I have to start typing #HTTW at the end of my posts will it matter?

    Some people will still type #HTTR regardless. Then again, there are plenty of people who still display a battle flag (not a national flag) of a long-dead, putridly racist, enemy country of the USA and are perplexed when people dare question why.

  17. I don’t understand why the Cleveland Indians have been flying under the radar on this issue. I can make the argument that their name is just as offensive.

  18. Maybe my neighbors across the Potomac River should consider changing mayors. And no, I do not like my beloved team’s name. But I also dislike strong-armed agendas bathed in sanctimony.

  19. It’s so easy to call for a team name change when it’s someone else’s team. Think how you would feel if you beloved team had to change it’s name.

  20. Imagine your a Cowboys fan and someone made you change their name to the Texas Rangers…..

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