Christian Hackenberg takes up baseball

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Another failed former Jets quarterback is turning to baseball.

Christian Hackenberg will give baseball a try as a pitcher, via Rob Kuestner of NBC 10 in Philadelphia.

“It’s like, as simple as I can put it, I just want to compete, man,” Hackenberg said. “Like I kind of have had, like, my trials and tribulations with the NFL and had success and had that roller-coaster ride and, you know, at the end of the day I’m sitting here at 25 and like, for me, like I said, I feel like I got a lot left in the tank.”

Hackenberg had no success in the NFL. The 2016 second-round pick never even played in a single regular-season game. He played for the Memphis Express of the AAF in 2019, but he was benched in his third game after throwing no touchdown passes and three interceptions.

Tim Tebow, who actually played in the NFL and won a playoff game with the Broncos at the end of the 2011 season, turned to baseball several years ago. He last played in the NFL with the Jets, in 2012.

12 responses to “Christian Hackenberg takes up baseball

  1. Like I kind of have had, like, my trials and tribulations with the NFL and had success and had that roller-coaster ride


    I would love to hear him elaborate on his success in the NFL because I’m not aware of any.

  2. He threw passes 6 yards deep on the sideline. How’s he gonna hit the first baseman?

  3. He made the NFL. That is success. For you to needlessly take multiple shots at him is weak

  4. Poor Hackenburg…hundreds and hundreds of comments and thumbs up and thumbs down votes on all the other topics , but he only gets 6 or 7. Pretty much says it all.

  5. I almost forget the Jets drafted him. Thats how bad he was. 2nd Round Pick. UGH!

    The fact that they fired Todd Bowles ahead of Mike Maccagnan is a disgrace.

    Bowles might not be the best coach…but aside from his first year, the talent on the Jets roster sucked. He took Sam Darnold and ignored the OL, signed a RB (which is easily replaced) but not enough pass catchers. Maccagnan had so many draft misses that not only failed the Jets, but failed to stay in the NFL at all.

    But I am sure Darnold is…uh…going to be ok. I hope.

    I know Adam Gase might not be the best coach, but at least he was able to get him out.

    Hopefully Quinnen Williams won’t be Magic Mike’ last bust.

  6. Just making it to the NFL is success. I hope he goes on to have a great baseball career. Not a fan of his or anything, just a fan of people and I hope everyone finds happiness and success.

  7. Hackenburg’s only good year was his freshman year at Penn State. He was a media construct. Wish him well in baseball.

  8. he should probably take up checkers if he feels the need for competition that badly…

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