Josh Allen: Stefon Diggs “bad rep” wasn’t deserved

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen has a high-end receiver on his roster for the first time in his NFL career. Allen has worked briefly with Stefon Diggs in Florida, and Diggs made a significant impression on Allen.

“I’ll tell you, this man loves to work,” Allen told reporters this week. “He loves to get on the field and run routes and talk to the guys and explain how he’s running routes and explain what works for him to these young cats.”

Allen’s experience ran contrary to the things he’d seen and heard about Diggs.

“It was very, very awesome to see just the amount of detail that he puts into his craft, how communicative he was, how willing he was to learn,” Allen said. “And he wasn’t there for himself. He was there for the betterment of the team and wanted to hang out with the guys and wanted to learn and get to know the guys and I thought that was pretty special. You hear all these crazy stories in the media and I think he’s had a bad rep where he was at.”

But there really haven’t been many “crazy stories” about Diggs. He’s a great guy, an intense competitor. The only knock on Diggs is that, at times, lack of footballs flying in his direction will cause him to react — like many NFL receivers have done, still do, and will continue to do. The biggest problem occurred last year, when by all appearances Diggs went AWOL for a couple of days after a Week Four loss to the Bears. It also seems that Diggs and quarterback Kirk Cousins never truly meshed; it likely wasn’t a coincidence that Diggs began to publicly push for a trade on the same day that the Vikings extended Cousins’ contract.

Regardless, Diggs got what he wanted. He’s happy now. And he’ll likely be happy with a strong-armed quarterback who will be firing the ball in his direction repeatedly.

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  1. Allen should wait until he has at least played a few games with Diggs before declaring that everyone was wrong about him.

  2. Well coming from a completely unbiased QB I guess you have to accept it. It’s not like Josh Allen has anything to gain from this. And hey, everyone else could be wrong. It’s possible.

  3. Sure, there were no “crazy stories,” but there was the impression of crazy stories. A little bit of dissent and the guy is labeled a diva. People don’t read and dig and formulate informed opinions, people see headlines, listen to generic misinformation, follow the trends, and apply labels.

    That’s how this goes, and it’s a big problem. People don’t want to put in the work to get information. People prefer to be told what to think so that they don’t have to work at all. This is Trump’s entire platform (and he’s not the only one), and it’s the one thing he does well to maintain a (shrinking but) fervent following. ‘Don’t read anything. It’s all BS. Just listen to me. I give you permission to not think for yourself.’

  4. Bwahahahahahaha. Hahahahah. Hahahahahahaha
    Just wait to you don’t get him the ball EVERY DOWN.
    He going to show his real self.
    Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahaha

  5. Or maybe, maybe he’s just a happier person living in Buffalo rather than Minneapolis.
    It is possible, you know.

  6. When Allen keeps missing Diggs with his throws, then he’ll have the opportunity to see if Diggs’ “rep” was deserved or not.

  7. No one ever questioned his hard work. It’s when the ball doesn’t always come to him you will have a problem.

  8. Diggs wasn’t a team cancer, but he was a team distraction for selfish reasons. Diggs is a likeable player and I’m sure he and Allen hit it off. But let’s wait until it’s in game situations and Diggs isn’t getting thrown to often because DCs are double teaming him. Wait until a few of Allen’s passes bounce off of Digg’s hands and into the hands of the opposing DEF. Then let’s check in with Allen.

  9. Diggs kept most of his complaints out of the press and still played hard. There were really mostly rumors that he was unhappy. So, honestly, I do not know if he was that disruptive until the very end. But, if Diggs got what he wanted, of course he shouldn’t have any stress yet. Allen really can’t know what happened in Minnesota. But, best of luck to Diggs in his new home, unless he is playing the Vikings.

  10. Love Josh Allen and wish him and the Bills the best against everybody except the Jets. However, I think the kumbaya with Diggs will have a short shelf life.

  11. Russell Wilson said the same thing about Percy Harvin his first few workouts as a Seahawk.

  12. I’m a bit uneasy about him but I really hope it works out. I think it ultimately will, with some bumps in the road. No matter what, Josh has to take a big step up this year for it all to work out.

  13. Diggs is a great player, I wonder for him if worse QB play is worth being the #1 option in a passing game. That may make him mad as well.

  14. If Josh Allen has another game like he did against Houston, Diggs’ head will explode.

  15. People forget that Diggs is 26 and Allen is 23. Brady’s a wise old man at 42. They’re going to have their ups and downs and occasional hissy fits.

  16. If your quarterback goes on-record expressing a preference for crowd-less stadiums, you don’t exactly get the feeling he’s a warm and fuzzy people person. Word is; not too many players care for the guy and Diggs was the only player with enough clout to do anything about it.

  17. I’ve never heard anyone in the Vikings organization say anything negative about Diggs. It was obvious that Diggs wasn’t happy and Vikings got an offer they couldn’t turn down.

  18. This may not be today-current, but you don’t change the spots on a leopard.

    “There is a consensus nationally that has been growing that Kirk Cousins isn’t well liked,” said Schultz. “And you talk to people kind of around the league, and you start asking questions. His receivers, his playmakers — not only do they not like him, I don’t even know if they respect him. And that’s a real problem.”

    -Yahoo Sports Insider.

  19. Geez how do you expect a team leader to welcome a new teammate? Especially if the team leader is a QB, and the new teammate is an elite WR. The past is the past. Just look forward. These two could put up some huge numbers over the next few years if they both stay healthy.

  20. Many receivers are divas. Guess it goes with the territory. Many are not. See Chad Johnson and A.J. Green. Kinda the same results. I’m sure Carson Palmer would have rather had an AJ Green, Than ocho. So good luck to Allen. And GO BUCKS.

  21. Nobody said diggs didn’t work hard. He is a pain in the butt when he doesn’t get passes. Diggs had great stats with cousins and still would get upset with the direction of the offense going through the running game, even though it was about 50/50 run/pass. Have fun, buffalo. It won’t last long. You’ll have a honeymoon period, sure, but by about week 12, you’ll see the whining. He will demand a $20 million + deal after this year and either whine more or force his way out.

  22. Yes stellarperformance, later in that same article the Schultz also calls Jay Gruden “a really good offensive coach”. Jordan Reed, Prierre Garcon, Desean Jackson have all complimented Cousins. You don’t have to be best friends with your QB, Diggs is just very emotional. That being said, Diggs is a very intense person, Cousins is not. I wish Diggs well, he’s always fun to watch. Hopefully works out for both teams, time will tell.

  23. Young QB who is clueless I see. How can you make an assessment of someone who you have not even be able to get to know yet. I am sure Pittsburgh said similar things about Brown early in his career.

  24. The biggest problem with Diggs was the 15 yard taunting penalties.
    In Atlanta 2016,on a third and 15, he got a 17 yard catch, spun the ball, trash talked the DB, and got a 15 yard penalty.
    In Green Bay 2019, he got a taunting penalty on a TD catch, making the XP 47 yards and missed.
    3-4 others come to mind, including melting down ahead in the playoffs 2019 against the Saints.
    His immaturity is off the charts, and you just won’t win games against good teams with guys like Diggs.
    He’s got to be a real problem, because after the 2018 TD against the Saints, it would be like the Cowboys trading Pearson or the Steelers trading Franco.

  25. Yep and wait for all the stupid penalties and fumbles. Dude can’t hold onto the ball when breaking loose from defenses.

  26. Was a long time fan of Diggs, now I can’t stand the guy. One of the biggest crybabies in the game when he doesn’t get his own way. The end for me is when he posted a video of himself wearing a Cardinals shirt while still with the Vikings. Don’t like cancerous players on my team, so good riddance Diggs.

  27. arkimedes says:
    June 13, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    There were really mostly rumors that he was unhappy.


    There’s truth to all rumors…..according to a once unhappy Diva.

  28. Vikes fan here who has watched every NFL game Diggs has ever played. Yes, he is very talented, but his outbursts, his pouting, and his selfish penalties are not worth it. Glad he’s gone. Buffalo fans will see the same.

  29. Get your laughs in on Josh Allen. He’s going to be a great QB real soon. He’s not with Mahomes yet, but he’s already past 95% of all QB’s.

  30. The question is who’s going to meltdown worse, Allen or Diggs?

    Just lose baby.

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