No suspects yet in the murder of Reche Caldwell

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More than a week ago, former NFL receiver Reche Caldwell was shot and killed in Tampa. To date, police have identified no suspects.

According to, police haven’t even identified a person of interest.

Family and friends, per FOX13, believe Caldwell was a robbery target. The authorities, however, have not yet confirmed this.

A vigil was held recently for the 41-year-old Caldwell, a second-round pick of the Chargers in 2002 who also played for the Patriots and Washington.

13 responses to “No suspects yet in the murder of Reche Caldwell

  1. So if you defund the police, you’ll see a lot more unsolved crimes. In reality the police need to be refunded for training and revitalize their strength. In my area the city take so much from the police/fire budgets they have no money for training & recruitment. Officers typically work 10-12 hour shift for 6 days a.week. They’re also finding it difficult to recruit when the MSM continually show these Officers in a bad light.

  2. Neighbors always say “we didn’t see Nuffin”. And later, they will hurl blame, “Cops are not very good at solving crimes in our neighborhood … don’t they have a magic crystal ball?”

  3. Policing is under increased scrutiny because of recent events. I think the police are taking a new approach where they will start ignoring crime. They simply don’t want to end up in a situation where they do any damage. The unsolved crime logs are about to skyrocket. We can’t blame law enforcement for not wanting to put themselves in any situation where violence may occur. If I were a cop, there is no way I would go into any high crime area unless called. Then I might just drive by a few times to make sure it isn’t an ambush.

  4. If it’s drug dealer on drug dealer crime they aren’t going to move it to the front of the line.

  5. Police have a full plate right now so cases like this probably get put on the back burner. They are trying to keep the cities from being burned down. Unfortunately crimes that are not solved early in the process are less likely to be solved. Hopefully justice will be served for the family’s sake.

  6. Stop acting like it’s the cop’s fault this dude got killed. “Police haven’t even identified a person of interest.” It’s tough to do when you get “We didn’t see nothin’ ” as responses. If members of the community REALLY wanted to help, they’d actually talk to the Police to help solve these crimes.

  7. I bet his girlfriend knows more than she is telling and probably scared for her life if she says anything. Put pressure on her. She might break.

  8. I’m sure kneeling during our National Anthem will help find a suspect or two

  9. Leman Russ says:
    June 14, 2020 at 5:52 pm
    I’m sure kneeling during our National Anthem will help find a suspect or two

    The kneelers could put up some money to help solve his murder. Private investigators and/or reward money would help.

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