Tom Brady tutors Deion Sanders’ high school quarterback son


Trinity Christian High School football player Shedeur Sanders is a four-start recruit heading into his senior year, and he’s the son of a Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders. But it’s not his dad whom Shedeur is modeling himself after.

Instead, Shedeur Sanders is trying to be like Tom Brady — and getting some private tutoring from him. Shedeur, a quarterback who has strived to make himself an accurate pocket passer, posted on social media some pictures from a one-on-one session he had with Brady.

“Learning from the [Greatest of All Time] soaking up all the knowledge,” Shedeur wrote on Instagram.

Shedeur has scholarship offers from many of the best football schools in the country, including Florida State, where his dad went, and Michigan, where Brady went.

15 responses to “Tom Brady tutors Deion Sanders’ high school quarterback son

  1. FSU’s program has been non competitive for years now. Wonder where the kid will go? Also curious if this is a favor to Prime from Brady or was it a business thing?

  2. Nice gesture by Tom Brady. I love seeing young kids like Deion’s kid and LeBron’s kid growing up and getting solid advice. The talent will only get you so far. It’s the intangibles and work ethic that turn great talent into great players. Brady has taken the most difficult task in sports, and simplified it. Made it look easy. I’d be listening closely when he speaks, and I’m sure Deion will see to that. Smart move by Deion.

  3. Prime doesn’t get enough credit for being a student of the game himself. Deion had a very high football IQ. I would not be surprised if his son becomes a NFL star as well because Pops has set him on the right path.

  4. Awesome. Glad to see TB passing it on.

    Quesiton though = If his name wasn’t Sanders would NFL scouts consider him short for a QB?

  5. I love seeing young kids, regardless of who their father is, getting coaching, wisdom, advice and guidance from Pros…

  6. This is awesome will definitely watch when he is playing on Saturdays ,,and Deion is a great football analyst!

  7. The people that are giving a thumbs down on Deion’s Football IQ are people that don’t recognize next level thinking ! I could listen to him talk X &Os all day ! Years ago I went to Lawerence Taylor’s bar in North Jersey called LTs and Deion’s Florida State Jersey was hanging at the bar ,beautiful deep maroon with the gold number 2 ,nicest jersey I ever seen !

  8. Deion Sanders’ statistics don’t warrant him being in the Hall of Fame. Look at them compared to the guys ABOVE him.

  9. Some of these retired football players should create a football university, with courses taught by Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, etc etc.

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