2,000-yard rusher done with Oklahoma State over Mike Gundy wearing OAN T-shirt

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Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy once declared, “Come after me.” One of his best players is.

Chuba Hubbard, a tailback who rushed for more than 2,000 yards last year, has spoken out on Twitter against Gundy after the coach was photographed wearing a One America News T-shirt.

I will not stand for this,” Hubbard tweeted. “This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE.”

Gundy has previously praised OAN as “just report[ing] the news,” with “no left” and “no right” and “positives” about the coronavirus, because Gundy hadn’t “been real happy with the mainstream media and the way they’ve handled that.”

OAN is a controversial, far-right operation that recently was featured on Last Week Tonight. It specializes in extreme convervatism, fawning praise of the President, and conspiracy theories. One host, as noted by John Oliver, has described Black Lives Matter as a “criminal organization.”

The host’s catch phrase, by the way is, “Even when I’m wrong, I’m right.”

Hubbard thinks Gundy’s taste for far-right news in this specific moment is wrong, and Hubbard isn’t afraid to stand up and say so.

Good for Chuba Hubbard. Here’s hoping he’s not the only Oklahoma State player who has a problem with Gundy’s taste in media, which reveals too much about what lurks in his heart to justify the millions he earns from the abilities, efforts, and sacrifices of young black men who in turn get paid nothing.

76 responses to “2,000-yard rusher done with Oklahoma State over Mike Gundy wearing OAN T-shirt

  1. So your coach can have freedom of speech as long as it coincides with yours. Got it.

  2. I’m a Washington Husky fan, but Chuba Hubbard is now my favorite college football player! Good for you, young man!

  3. If it’s good for Hubbard, it’s good for Gundy too. He’s not going to let one of his star players dictate how he should feel as well. The both are free to think and do as they choose, fully aware of any repercussions. We should ALL be like BOTH of them. Nothing to pin on the coach here.

  4. This is going to make Mike Gundy look very bad if he doesn’t have a considerate explanation. If he blows it off there will be more than one player sitting out this fall.

  5. If Mike Gundy took a Wonderlic test, you can rest assured the results wouldn’t come back positive.

  6. You can tell what’s in his heart by the news channel he watches? I mean yea you can tell what’s in his brain but, his heart? Stated as a fact, too. Wow.

  7. Chuba Howard’s step today is even more impressive than his 2000 rushing yards. Props to this wise young man.

  8. Looks like Gundy isn’t very bright.

    Even if he ain’t bright, he ain’t right.

  9. Good for you Hubbard and for anyone who can take a stand against these lying media sources people in powerful positions. I had no idea Gundy would back something like this but I hope more of his players come out and respond like this. It won’t stop until enough people say they won’t take it anymore.

  10. OAN isn’t just far-right non-news. It’s literally a propaganda network owned by the kremlin. They spread Russian propaganda under the guise of news.

  11. Damn straight. Always found it ridiculous that these kids that make so much money for these institutions can not partake of the riches. It is un-American.

  12. Actually they do get something, free college education and a platform to potentially play at the next level.

  13. I’m not left or right , I just want the NFL to get defunded so I can afford to go see a game now and then ..
    Wait, my state doesn’t even have a NFL team to cheer for while some states have 3 teams … guess I’m on the outside looking in again
    Equality for ALL …. IM DOWN WITH IT.

  14. So, let me get this straight a player is going to get to choose what a coach watches in his free time? How did we get here?

  15. If you believe that it is good Chuba to stand up for what he believes in, you should believe it is good for Gundy as well.

    Stifling debate, stifling free speech just because one disagrees with it, seems like an odd position for a journalist to take.

    Chuba can leave which may hurt him, Gundy may suffer in the marketplace due to his support of OAN, but neither is more right nor more wrong to stick to their opinions.

  16. So we all have to agree to watch CNN… I guess we are not allowed to make up our on mind anymore, follow the herd

  17. Sounds like a smart kid. Glad to see someone doing this. He clearly has been workI’ll ng for an idiot. Still have time to enter the supplemental draft?

  18. This cancel culture just keeps getting more and more absurd… Usually they cancel someone because of something they said, whether it’s 2 days ago or 20 years ago, but now it’s just because of a t-shirt? And this makes you question Hubbard’s judgment, considering he has been with Gundy since 2017… Why didn’t he leave earlier?

  19. Cancel culture. What happened to American colleges, where people can have their own opinions, even when wrong like the Coach?

  20. No one is stifling free speech. A player is simply deciding he wants nothing to do with playing for a guy who holds a 180 degree different world view than he does.

  21. He’s a man, he’s 50?

    I’ll take Hubbard right now as the starting RB in Miami.

    Should’ve declared Chuba

  22. The pendulum has swung too far. Freedom of speech is for all people, not just those that are part of the mainstream and it is a fundamental component which our republic was formed upon. Politics have gone too far.

  23. kcflake says:
    June 15, 2020 at 3:57 pm
    I hope OSU tells Chuba to find a new team.


    I bet he hopes that also, and he would have no shortage of colleges lined up to bring him in.

  24. For those that say the coach doesn’t have free speech, he clearly does, but Amendments to the constitution do not apply to the public. Certainly, his choice of expression has consequences.

    NFL players faced consequences for kneeling. This coach is facing consequences for his shirt. This is how the world works.

  25. Both are free to say or wear what they like. Neither is free from repercussions following their actions.

    Hubbard may have to play somewhere else. Gundy may find more good players do not wish to play for him unless the matter is addressed to their satisfaction.

    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.

  26. Love everyone on here complaining how the coach should be entitled to have an opinion and express himself. These were the same people freaking out to fire Kaepernick for wearing socks that had police officers as pigs on them. It is a two way street people. Either you are for freedom of speech and expressing yourself or you are not.

  27. @carloswlassiter be real here. What the player is doing is trying to have the school and donors put political pressure on the coach to come out and apologize or be fired.

    Was there any other interpretation from the player’s words? He wants “CHANGE”. It’s not that hard people. It’s hitting you right in the face!

  28. Mike Gundy’s true colors have been exposed and this is the beginning of the end for his coaching career. That photo of him in the OAN t-shirt will be used against him in the recruiting wars. Good luck, Gundy, finding players who want to play for you now.

  29. They both are entitled to their opinions and one of them can decide to leave the college if he so chooses and ply his trade at another location.

  30. Why is this surprising? You have Oklahoma, a Republican, and a football coach…..what could possibly go wrong? The young man is standing up for what he believes in and what he is against…..racism. Pretty simple to figure out.

  31. kcflake says:
    June 15, 2020 at 3:57 pm
    I hope OSU tells Chuba to find a new team.
    I hope they pretend to do that, then drag their feet.

  32. Just to recap, OAN called BLM a terrorist organization. You can understand why this young man feels the way he does. Read the room Mike Gundy!

  33. OAN spreads verifiably false information, and as another poster mentioned they may very well be an arm of Russian intelligence. Not a good look for a man who is supposed to be leading other men and helping them to grow.

  34. “Gundy has previously praised OAN as “just report[ing] the news,” with “no left” and “no right””

    He’s out of his mind they make Fox look liberal and most of what they report is no “news” its insane conspiracy theories with no basis in reality

  35. Christopher Allan says:
    June 15, 2020 at 3:36 pm
    So the coach cannot have an opinion, but the players can?
    Gundy can say and do whatever he wants but players don’t have to agree with him or continue to be coached by him . Gundy is done as a coach because it’s clear that he values the views of OAN more then he has respect for the opinions of his players . Again he has every right to pick who he supports but he will now find out the players have that right too and that’s not going to end well for Gundy .

  36. Wearing an OAN shirt during these times is implicitly racist and wrong, especially for a person who is charged with leading young Black men. Gundy should be terminated. Good for Chuba for having the courage to call out his head coach.

  37. Gundy is for sure tone deaf.. he has proven he is not a leader of men. When other kids follow Hubbard, Gundy maybe they one looking for a new school.

  38. So this coach isn’t allowed to exercise his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS ????
    I think we’re STILL in America

  39. Chuba is WAY over rated. Got 2000 yards in the no defense league. He did not play against a top 15 defense all year. Jonathon Taylor played 5 games against top 15 defenses, would of had 3000 yards playing in the BIG 12.

  40. So both the coach and the player exercised their freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I think both parties are in the right here. Why do we always have to pick sides?

  41. Never heard of OAN. But now we are criticizing coaches for having a preference in news? NPR is far left and Fox is far right, but I would let my son play football for a coach who wore a shirt of either.

  42. Now look for Hubbard to apply for the supplemental draft and use this as a reason, as COVID’s effect on college football will be rejected as a reason by the NFL.

  43. So you’ve played at OSU 3 years, been coached and in meetings with Gundy for 3 years and because of T shirt you demand CHANGE? Talk to the man first instead of throwing out tweets so everyone can respond to you. Goes both ways Chuba, communication with someone on a personal level, try it sometime.

  44. If he wears it off hours, no problem. If he wears it to work, the field or any team/university sponsored function (ie: where is is their representative) problem as he is, perhaps unintentionally, pushing a political agenda his players may interpret has having to follow to get playing time, etc. As for Free Speech and the first amendment, it protects each of us from being censored by the GOVERNMENT, and does not impact another individual’s opinion or action. The coach can either change his behavior, or lose a star player . . . up to him.

  45. Both Mike Gundy and Chuba Hubbard represent Oklahoma State. There is a difference. Gundy is a paid employee and Hubbard is not. I would think as a paid employee, Gundy would be required by some sort of dress code. Did Oklahoma State Board members approve on him wearing the OAN T-shirt? Did the Board even know? Was Gundy wearing the OAN shirt on company time? Those are valid questions.

    As far as OAN is concerned, my son seems to read their articles. He would come up with some very odd and wild conspiracy conclusions about things. I asked him where he was getting his information from. He told me OAN. I told him I never heard of OAN. He said their an unbiased new organization who just report the news and everybody reads OAN to find the truth. I told my son I still never heard of OAN, so he sent me several articles. I read those articles. OAN has a far, far right view of things. They are not unbiased. It’s full of actual lies, half truths, lots of conspiracy theories.

  46. This incident aside, Gundy has always been out there where the busses dont run.

  47. It’s the coaches right to wear the shirt and the players right to leave the team.
    No one’s rights were infringed upon.

  48. Ridiculous. If Hubbard thinks that tee shirt his HC wears isnt acceptable, then neither is Hubbards opinion. Equitable.

  49. They are BOTH expressing their freedom of speech.

    Gundy didnt lose his freedom of speech, he can watch or say whatever he wants. And he is.

    Hubbard disagrees, so he can then express his freedom of speech and say he isnt going to play anymore of OSU.

    Gundy loses a great player, Hubbard loses a great opportunity.

    Freedom of speech does not mean you just say whatever you want and no one can reply to what you said.

  50. An awful lot of shirts have been worn by a lot of different people in the last few weeks. The writing on those shirts was perfectly acceptable as an instrument of free speech. Gundy was well within his rights to wear that shirt. Case closed.

  51. Coach can have his opinion. Player can react as he chooses. No problem with either; will be interesting to see how this shakes out in college football going forward however.

  52. Unfortunately this may be just the tip of the iceberg. The coaches and leadership of college football tends to veer right while you’re dealing with a lot of student athletes who lean left. Now that we live in a social media driven world where everybody is expressing their opinion there are bound to be cases like this where the opposing viewpoints lead to a messy divorce. And yes everybody is entitled to their opinion but there’s something be said for keeping those feelings private especially when you’re in a public position like head coach of major college football team. Either be more careful or face the consequences.

  53. Coach likes OAN.

    Player does not like Coach liking OAN.

    Free speech wins.

  54. Every single time someone says this is free speech is a WRONG interpretation of free speech defined by the 1st amendment. For free speech to be relevant there must be government action against a citizen. Last I checked the running back isn’t acting on behalf of the federal government.

  55. I never liked the attitude of… I don’t like X, so I am going to take my basketball and go home. How about using it as an opportunity the influence the coach? Maybe give your time to the cause you think is right and invite the coach. Perhaps invite him publicly to try and make him engage with you? I.E. Try to use your influence to engage and educate people around you. You may learn something and along the way help others to understand what is so clear to you. Taking your basketball and going home just has a petulant feel to it and will only cause people to harden their views.

  56. “Good for Chuba Hubbard. Here’s hoping he’s not the only Oklahoma State player who has a problem with Gundy’s taste in media“

    If you really believe this statement, why do you have such an issue with NFL owners and GMs having reservations concerning a player representing their teams by wearing pig/cop socks and a pro Castro t-shirt, that clearly insults Cuban-Americans?
    Thank you for defining hypocrisy at its finest.

  57. It specializes in extreme conservatism, fawning praise of the President, and conspiracy theories.

    …in your OPINION…

  58. One thing’s for sure, this has been a HUGE advertising push for OAN. I know I’ll be checking them out.

  59. deadinbed says:
    June 15, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    This incident aside, Gundy has always been out there where the busses dont run.
    Disagree but dig the Miami Vice shout out.

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