The Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown No. 15: Tom Brady

Chris Simms top 40 QBs: Tom Brady
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The GOAT is stuck in the middle of the pack.

Tom Brady, the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL, has landed at No. 15 on the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown for 2020. Like Drew Brees at No. 16, Brady dropped six spots. Last year, he and Brees were back-to-back at No. 9 and No. 10.

Brady turns 43 before the next season begins, and as discussed during Monday’s PFT Live, Brady is beginning to show some signs of it. From reduced arm strength late in the year to conscious efforts to live to fight another day (but not getting blown up by someone half his age), Brady is still very good, but no longer very great.

Besides, and as mentioned in connection with Brees, there are plenty of great young quarterbacks currently in the NFL. That makes it harder for the fortysomethings to stand out. Thus, despite the excitement and interest generated by Brady’s jump from New England to Tampa Bay, the truth is that Brady isn’t the guy he used to be.

It’s not a criticism from Simms. Just a fact.

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18 responses to “The Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown No. 15: Tom Brady

  1. The biggest downside and change to Brady now isn’t his arm strength, its that he can’t take hits like he used to. Unless it’s a must have situation he has to be smart and avoid contact for his health. That was the biggest change from the super bowl year before was how much he embraced protecting himself.

    But his biggest performance problems were that he had no time with a poor offensive line meaning he was taking those hits even quicker. And with Gronkowski gone teams constantly took away Edelman and White and no one else got any separation, especially as the season went on. Even though the offensive line improved late and he had more time, no one got open with that extra time and he was visibly frustrated.

    Whether he lost arm strength is not fact, its debatable. But even if he did if he actually has receivers that can get open, and an offensive line that gives him any time at all, any physical deficiencies will be negligible. He has great potential for a resurgence. His game was always intelligence anyways, not the long bomb.

  2. That’s going to be an amazing matchup in week one.
    The 15th and 16th QB going head to head.
    Can’t wait!

  3. Whether or not he’s #15, with the personnel around him, he’ll have numbers most won’t exceed.

  4. I love how you all have Dak in your mouth
    Keep hating. We are America’s Team

  5. There’s no way Brady is ahead of Josh Allen, Allen is a “powerhouse stud”

  6. Putting Brady below so many QBs will serve as the proverbial “chip on the shoulder” this coming season. The reality is that His off season rankings are irrelevant. The final rankings as the “ goat,” as well. It will be his rankings during the season that Tampa Bay fans will be following.

  7. Remember when the Deltas got every question wrong on the psych test?
    We shall see if Brady can succeed without an advance copy of the answers, courtesy of “Bluto” Belilchick.

  8. It will be an interesting year in Tampa. A Pats fan since before Brady was born, so I have seen the highs and lows. He was definitely off last year, maybe 2 actually. He can definitely go long, but it has a more pronounced arch on the flight. Not having Gronk as the safety net last year definitely hurt. The man catches everything, regardless of where its thrown.
    But there were a lot of throws where it seemed Brady and the receivers were not in sync, and throwaways were much more frequent. I don’t put 100% blame on the receivers.
    I hope he has a great year – an MVP type season. He certainly has the tools to light it up. But as I said, it will be an interesting year. I plan on watching every Tampa game. (as long as it isn’t up against the Patriots broadcast)

  9. It’s amazing that my daughter is going to college now (1 year under her belt) and for her entire life Tom Brady was the QB for the Pats. This’ll be the first year that’s changed. It’s going to be weird.

  10. Brady is going to have a great 1st year in Tampa. He hasn’t had receivers like theirs his entire career, except for the brief time w/ Moss & Welker.

    I hope Tampa makes the SB, and the Pats go 4-12.

  11. Grumpy Santa says:
    June 16, 2020 at 9:06 am
    It’s amazing that my daughter is going to college now (1 year under her belt) and for her entire life Tom Brady was the QB for the Pats. This’ll be the first year that’s changed. It’s going to be weird.

    You sort of become conscious of football around the age of 8. I have kids approaching 30 and this is the first year of their lives they won’t be seeing Brady fist pumping at The Razor after a late TD to beat another wannabe in what seemed to be an endless series of a big games.

  12. So there are 15 quarterbacks in the league who are better than Tom Brady. Yes, that Tom Brady, the one with six SB rings.

    That says everything we need to know about this list.

  13. This list is so well thought out I’ll be surprised if Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes crack the top 10.

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