Draft pick signings continue to lag

Getty Images

Not only have NFL rookies not been able to work with their new teams in person yet, most of them haven’t been paid.

According to Albert Breer of SI.com, only 60 of this year’s 255 draft picks have signed their rookie deals, with just three of those in the first round (Tua Tagovailoa and Austin Jackson of the Dolphins, and Derrick Brown of the Panthers).

That wouldn’t have necessarily been unusual prior to the 2011 CBA, as many signings dragged on until just before training camp. But once deals became slotted and prescribed under that labor deal, more and more teams started signing their picks sooner.

Last year by this time, 222 of 254 picks had been signed, with 22 first-rounders under contract.

With teams unable to bring players in for physicals at this point, many players may continue to wait for their signing bonuses until they report in July.