NFLPA says revenues would decline by $3 billion if stadiums are empty

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The NFL would see a dramatic loss of revenue — and with it a dramatic decline in players’ portion of the revenue — if stadiums are empty this season.

That’s the word from the NFL Players Association, which hosted a call today to discuss the implications of the coronavirus pandemic. On that call, the NFLPA said the revenue loss from games in empty stadiums would likely be in the neighborhood of $3 billion.

That’s not quite as bad as a previous report that pegged the revenue decline from empty stadiums at $5.5 billion, but it’s still a major decline. And given that the salary cap is determined through a calculation of league revenues, a substantial decline for the owners would also become a substantial decline for the players.

Which means both sides will be motivated to find a way to make the season work, with fans in the stands. Empty stadiums would cost everyone a lot.

23 responses to “NFLPA says revenues would decline by $3 billion if stadiums are empty

  1. I think the scientists who are predicting a second wave in the fall simply read that every Sunday the NFL will pack 60,000 people into one building in 16 different cities.
    The season will be shut down by October. Guaranteed.

  2. First these high price athlete needs to stop telling people what they should and should say or not say, or do or not do. If they don’t even if they allow me in the stands I will seek a refund and stay home.

  3. So, that means the poor billionaires would only have 12 or 13 billion to split between them in the coming season?

    Surely they won’t have to face such a horror will they?

  4. Fans in the stands shouldn’t be an NFLPA issue.

    The owners should be discussing/ negotiating with local governments if its feasible and if so, where. Players don’t need to be involved in that they just need to be kept from fans so that we don’t hit the breaks on the season.

  5. Well that’s just too bad. The NFL has put forth a bad product for the last decade on and off the field. Owners cheating, officiating looking the wrong way, over paid athletes, deciding which political message to send or be involved with, domestic violence, concussions, etc etc. Just realize, that the Ram franchise is building a $6.5 billion dollar stadium with a good portion of NFL money that will not be occupied during and after the pandemic. Regardless of your views on free enterprises $6.5 billion is a disgusting amount or money to pay for a pending eyesore by LAX.

  6. As a Colt’s season ticket holder since the Mayflower (1984), I might find other things to do on game days

  7. It would be interesting to see how high priced players work with management so the team can field a decent quality team.

    There are QB’s in the NFL who actually received about $80,000,000.00 in one 12 month period by being passive aggressive with the team that had already made him the highest paid QB in the NFL on his previous deal (which still had 2 full years remaining).

    He should have to play without guards or tackles (just a center to snap him the ball) because of his own personal greed…

  8. This may be the year the NFL goes completely Pay-Per-View for every game.
    They’ve been moving in that direction for years anyway.

  9. If the owners want to be crybabies and play the woe is me card; then extort your corporate sponsors and television interests for more money. You have no problem doing it to the fans when you raise ticket prices.

  10. You want to kneel !!! Good I hope the League goes bankrupt and loses hundreds of millions. I won’t watch

  11. Baseball couldn’t work out an economic agreement due to no fans in the stands.. let’s see if football can for the sake of sports.

  12. No fans in stands,,,but by golly, lets make sure there are thousands in every city “protesting”.

  13. This just goes to show how horribly overpriced everything is for going to an NFL game from parking, tickets, food, drinks, merchandise, etc. Better to let it all die and start over with reasonable prices

  14. About a bil and a half less for players next year. 2000 players. $750k per player. More than a large % of the league makes. I can see Dak’s offer shrinking, but make sure your agent keeps pushing for more.

  15. The govt should just pay the lost fan revenues across the sports leagues. It will cost less than the next round of stimulus caused by people going to games. 20B to save 1T? And they should let everyone buy Sunday ticket. Long overdue.

  16. Ditto – not watching any sports league that disrespects the flag and country by kneeling…

    Smell you later, NFL

  17. On the same day you had an announcement of 4 NFL players positive for the virus and MLB also announcing positive player tests, this news… You have Case rates increasing nationwide and most states have yet to fully open. Even with player testing 3x/week, I don’t see any way the season goes on-with fans in the stands. We can’t forget Fauci’s comments from a few weeks ago about positive COVID tests within the team setting. You may get negative tests, then a sudden outbreak of positives. I think they’re also pushing it to have a season at all. I WANT the NFL season and NEED the NFL–I’m just paying attention to the data and looking forward

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