Tony Romo encouraged Josh Allen to focus on mechanics

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Before Josh Allen could work with his Bills teammates, he worked on himself.

And it was a conversation with a former quarterback early in the offseason — before the COVID-19 pandemic kept players from getting together — that convinced that was the way to go.

“I talked to Tony Romo for a couple hours at the Super Bowl,” Allen said, via Albert Breer of “And I got to talking with him about mechanics and keeping your head on the same plane, same axis, and kind of rotating around it, keeping your left arm super tight, and finding a way to throw the same exact way out of any position, whether your feet are set or not. That’s really been paying off. It’s been a good thing for me, and it’s gonna continue to be something I’ll work on.”

Early in the offseason, Allen had other quarterbacks to work with as well.

He was in Orange County, Calif, working with personal quarterback coach Jordan Palmer. Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and Washington’s Kyle Allen were also there, allowing the quarterbacks to do that kind of specific work and focus on it exclusively.

Once he was able to get together with new teammate Stefon Diggs and a group of Bills he already knew for a recent workout in Florida, that became the team-building and chemistry opportunity, which Sean McDermott found greater meaning in.

5 responses to “Tony Romo encouraged Josh Allen to focus on mechanics

  1. Romo? Tony Romo? The guy that never won anything? The guy that couldnt even hold the snap for a chipshot game winning field goal in a playoff game? That Tony Romo?

    Romo giving qb advice, too funny.

  2. I think Josh Allen has a chance to become a good quarterback in the league. He just needs a little time and experience to iron out some flaws.

    It will be interesting to see how the Bills fare in the AFC East this year, but I’m not ready to count out the Patriots yet. Hopefully we have real football this year.

  3. You do realize the vast majority of coaches are guys that WEREN’T the greatest of players, right? In fact, guys that weren’t amazing players typically make for better coaches because they had to rely more on knowledge of the game when they did play rather than unworldly physical talent. That’s the stuff you can teach… You can’t teach another player how to be more physically talented, shy of teaching them how to be healthier and get in the best shape…but that again is knowledge.

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