Brandon Brooks: The work doesn’t stop because of injury

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Brandon Brooks has been here before. The Eagles guard unfortunately knows the drill.

Brooks, who was rehabbing a shoulder injury at the team facility, tore his left Achilles’ tendon while working out Monday. He tore his right Achilles’ in the 2018 playoffs.

He explained how the injury happened in a social media post Tuesday.

“I’ve noticed a lot of people wondering how it happened, so let me be clear: I was doing 60-yard shuttles and on seven of eight, I went to touch the line, push off and POP,” Brooks wrote. “That being said the work doesn’t stop because of an injury. The direction I’ll continue to move is forward. All love.”

On Monday, Brooks confirmed the report of his injury, which ends his 2020 season before it begins.

The Eagles will look at their internal options first as they seek to replace Brooks, coach Doug Pederson said. They used a fourth-round choice on Jack Driscoll and a sixth-rounder on Prince Tega Wanogho.

4 responses to “Brandon Brooks: The work doesn’t stop because of injury

  1. Such an effective, dominant player. Seems like a great guy too.
    I am confident he’ll be missed in more than one way.

  2. Brandon brooks is not only a great player, but is also a big advocate for the fight against anxiety, having anxiety attacks himself. That’s pretty cool that hes open about it and willing to help others. Motivation like that is great for other people, especially kids. My youngest daughter has just recently been diagnosed with something(not anxiety) so I see the impression it has on young children when they see celebrities or athletes or doctors who have symptoms and the same diagnosis as they do and know that they’re not limited and can still be athletes and singers and actors and doctors and anything else they want to be and aren’t limited. Good for Brandon Brooks!

  3. Now we’ll really see how good that loud mouth Kelce is without his security blanket Brooks not there to cover up his mistakes and lack of execution.

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