The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 13: Kirk Cousins

Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown: Kirk Cousins
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The countdown has moved to the unluckiest of numbers, and No. 13 has landed on No. 8 for the Vikings.

Chris Simms has placed Kirk Cousins in the thirteenth spot on the 2020 list of NFL quarterbacks.

We discussed the ranking at length on Tuesday’s PFT Live, reviewing the strengths and limitations of a guy who has a great arm if he has time to throw. The problem is that, when things break down, he has a hard time making chicken salad.

And that’s really what separates the best quarterbacks from the next tier: The ability to make something happen when the play that was called doesn’t unfold as planned. Some become even more dangerous during improvisation time. Others, well, don’t.

Cousins is in the “don’t” category. But he’s still good enough to help the Vikings win games, enough last year to get to the playoffs and to upset the Saints in New Orleans. As long as he has time to throw, the Vikings have a chance to win every game they play.

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16 responses to “The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 13: Kirk Cousins

  1. You can’t pay top dollar for a QB who doesn’t give you a chance to win every time he steps on the field. $30+ million for a guy who is mainly asked just not to give the game away is horrendous cap allocation.

  2. Vikes to win the Super Bowl. That would cement the world as finally flipped in its Axis

  3. Can you imagine all the stuff going on, invisible bugs, predjudiced people, intellectual dark web, crumbliing of privact and the Vikings to actually win the a super bowl?! That would be lunacy ! @2020

  4. If that’s the case, you’d think the Vikings would put more draft and/or free-agent capital into the O-Line, to ensure Cousins has time to throw.

  5. For the money they pay him, he should be in the top 2! Waste of money, will always have more playoff loses (if he can even get his team in) then wins.

  6. For whatever reason, Cousins pisses off so many people for a variety of multiple reasons. He’s basically the epitome of the Minnesota Vikings. We just piss people off for a variety of reasons. It’s great. Great throw to Theilen to silence the Saints, just stop pissing your pants in prime time. He’s a decent but weird guy, oh well… literally not my money they pay him.

  7. When MN signed him I bought a number 8 Cousin’s Jersey the same day. I was all in just like Paul Charchian. After watching EVERY game he played as a Viking, I tend to agree with the assessment that he can’t generate anything when the play called brakes down. I’ve seen a couple of times where he has scrambled and dumped off to a tight end, but that needs to happen A LOT more for him to move up in the rankings. He can do it, he just needs to do it more.

  8. By my count there are 11 starting QBs left for 12 slots. (Prescott, Wentz, Rodgers, Stafford, Ryan, Murray, Wilson, Jackson, Watson, Tannehill, Mahomes, count ’em) Did I miss someone or is Newton in the top 12?

  9. rickfol says:

    For the money they pay him, he should be in the top 2!

    Cousins has the #15 cap charge for the 2020 season in the NFL.

    1 Dak Prescott QUARTERBACK $31,409,000
    2 Russell Wilson QUARTERBACK $31,000,000
    3 Jared Goff QUARTERBACK $28,842,682
    4 Jimmy Garoppolo QUARTERBACK $26,600,000
    5 Philip Rivers QUARTERBACK $25,000,000
    Tom Brady QUARTERBACK $25,000,000
    7 Ben Roethlisberger QUARTERBACK $23,750,000
    8 Drew Brees QUARTERBACK $23,650,000
    9 Ryan Tannehill QUARTERBACK $22,500,000
    10 Aaron Rodgers QUARTERBACK $21,642,000
    11 Derek Carr QUARTERBACK $21,500,000
    12 Alex Smith QUARTERBACK $21,400,000
    13 Jacoby Brissett QUARTERBACK $21,375,000
    14 Matthew StaffordQUARTERBACK $21,300,000
    15 Kirk Cousins QUARTERBACK $21,000,000

    Yup, Cousins cap # is LESS than Stafford, Brissett, Smith, Carr, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Goff and Prescott – none of which made the playoffs last year.

    In Cousins highest 12 months actual cash in hand from 1 team, he received half of what Aaron Rodgers did on his last extension. May I remind you that Rodgers won 6 games for that $80,000,000.00 he got in the first 12 months of that deal.

    Cousins gets paid a lot compared to you and me, but when compared to NFL QB’s, he is right in the middle of what the market is for starting QB’s not on a rookie deal.

  10. When you put Cousins ahead of Brady (even at age 43) it’s a sure sign that cannabis has been legalized in your state.

  11. In Cousins highest 12 months actual cash in hand from 1 team, he received half of what Aaron Rodgers did on his last extension.


    Cousins received over $25 million for playing in late 2019, and then was handed a $30 million signing bonus March 16th.

  12. Loved the comment by Simms when he said he’s not asking Cousins to reinvent himself, but just make an extra 3 to 4 plays a game that could make a difference. He mentioned that Brady, when he was 38, learned to run the ball 3 or 4 times a game when the “Red Sea” opened up. I don’t know how many times – probably 3 or 4 times a game – Cousins could just have tucked the ball down and ran for a good 10 or 15 yards. I think that’s what Simms was getting at. He doesn’t have to reinvent himself, just be aware when the defense is giving your offense cheap yards.

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