David Montgomery vows to be better for the Bears this year

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The Bears made David Montgomery their lead running back after drafting him in the third round last year, but he didn’t have the desired impact on the offense.

Montgomery averaged 3.67 yards on 242 carries, which was the lowest mark of any back in the league with 200 carries outside of the Jets’ Le'Veon Bell. Very little worked offensively for the Bears last year, so there were contributing factors to Montgomery’s sluggish production but that’s not where Montgomery is focused.

Montgomery vowed that he’s “going to be better this year for this team” and thinks having some experience under his belt will help him accomplish that.

“An entire year of me being in an offense,” Montgomery said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Me not being solely a complete rookie and me going in with the unknown that, ‘I don’t know any of the offense,’ or me going in with the unknown that I don’t know if I’ll play or not. [Or] me going with the unknown of not knowing if I will get carries or not, or worrying about all the small stuff that doesn’t even matter anymore. No, I can really get to playing football now because I’m a year in and I’m a lot more confident. I’m ready to go have fun now.”

A better run game would help whoever the Bears put at quarterback this fall and the chances of getting one will have a lot to do with Montgomery making good on his vow.

7 responses to “David Montgomery vows to be better for the Bears this year

  1. I thought Montgomery was very solid last year. The offensive line, on the other hand, was terrible. It’s hard for a running back to gain many yards when defenders are all over him before he can get past the line of scrimmage.

  2. He was the LEAST of the Bears problems. This dude is a STUD. The problem was Nagys HORRIBLE run scheme and shoddy offensive line.

  3. I should be able to get him late in the FF draft as not many people have confidence in his ability in that scheme to do diggly squat. He will then rode my bench and only be used if my other 3 RB’s fail.

  4. Whose the backup? Tarik Cohen is not an NFL running back. He’s a gadget player that Nagy has misused for three years.

  5. Montgomery will only get what is blocked for him, and that wasn’t much last year. It’s not looking great for this year, considering a bad oline will have even less conditioning and practice time (IF they even play). Cohen is a gadget player that is stuck in an offense with no identity. Gadget players only succeed when the offense around them is already solid (See: Darren Sproles).

    They needed to invest heavily In the oline. Once again, they slapped some bandaids on it. Doesn’t matter which running back they can’t block for, or which QB that will be running for his life. If the oline doesn’t get better, the Defense will once again have to do it all.

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