Doug Pederson supports Eagles players in protests

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Everyone wants to know what players are going to do for the national anthem this season and how coaches, the front office and ownership will respond. The season remains three months away, so those conversations have not taken place for most teams yet.

But some coaches already are publicly supporting players in whatever they choose to do pregame. Texans coach Bill O’Brien even has promised to kneel with his players.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson was asked Tuesday whether he will join his players in protesting social injustice and police brutality pregame.

“You’re hearing a lot about it more and more, but one of the things as a head football coach that we are going to continue to do is have discussions in every area, not only with social injustice but the anthem, with anything that comes up,” Pederson said in a transcript distributed by the team. “And that’s one of the things that I think going into my fifth year with this football team, we have been able to have dialogue and conversation.

“So nothing has been determined. I understand that players — and I support players who demonstrate peacefully and stand for something because it’s part of — we have to fix the whys. It’s part of the whys and trying to understand our players, and we support our players. I support our players. But we are going to have these conversations I know once we get into camp.”

6 responses to “Doug Pederson supports Eagles players in protests

  1. Does this need to be said? We are at the point now where you have no choice. You cant “not” support them and still expect to have a job. It is pretty much assumed at this point that no matter what a person’s true feelings are on the matter, there is only one acceptable outward position. Ask Drew Brees what happens when you disagree.

  2. Pederson’s no dummy. He’s making damn sure everyone knows how “woke” he is.

    Just ask Brees what happens to people who aren’t “woke”.

  3. Doug Pedersen has no class. He stood behind Jason Kelce with a stupid grin on his face when Kelce was rip roaring drunk and gave a profanity-laced speech, which was totally classless.
    Kelce was a complete idiot for doing that — even though he got a free pass from the media and PFT — and Pedersen was just as bad for not stopping him from doing it. Anything Pedersen says or does after that is irrelevant.

  4. How is Peterson wrong because of a “fired up” Jason Kelce SUPERBOWL speech? SMH. As far as the protest, zero coaches. Owners ect will go against peaceful protests. I’m a compat Veteran and I’ll never be OK will kneeling. I dont see why both sides cant agree to something else like hold up a fist during the Anthem. This way people like myself wont be feeling disrespected at the protest and might even raise my first with you. We all get the message and agree. I just feel like making a protest by kneeling during the Anthem divides people no matter what is said by protesters about not meaning to disrespect us Vets. Compromise would be a better message to both sides. That is how problems get solved not by being controversial but by showing both sides of an argument can compromise and listen to each other and work out a message of harmony.

  5. By saying you will never be ok with someone kneeling right off the top means you are unwilling to compromise & makes the people who kneel dig in & gold there ground as well.
    On this issue Pederson shows why he’s able to lead men.
    He keeps an open mind & listens to his players before making a determination

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