Lamar Jackson: We got caught peeking ahead in the playoffs

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The Ravens went 14-2 last season and were double-digit favorites for their home playoff game against the Titans in January, which led to some people looking past that game to who Baltimore might face in the AFC Champtionship Game.

Unfortunately for the Ravens, some of those who weren’t focused on the present were in their locker room. Quarterback Lamar Jackson said on a Complex’s Load Management podcast that he thinks the Ravens were guilty of underestimating the Titans ahead of their 28-12 loss.

That’s why Jackson said his current goal for the 2020 season is “winning Week One.”

“We’re taking it one game at a time, not peeking ahead,” Jackson said. “That’s what happened in the playoffs and we end up losing to the team people had us favored over. It’s any given Sunday. You can’t underestimate no team, no opponent and that’s what we did. So I’m looking forward to this 2020 season playing the Browns first . . . Don’t underestimate your opponents. They caught us by surprise. That’s all it was.”

Jackson had three turnovers in that loss and said immediately after the game that the Ravens beat themselves. It seems that part of the plan to avoid having that happen again is making sure that everyone’s attention is on the task at hand.

16 responses to “Lamar Jackson: We got caught peeking ahead in the playoffs

  1. No you didn’t.

    You showboated your way out of the playoffs. You thought you were the reason your team won those games when you failed to incorporate your teammates into the offense. Your defense was filled with pretenders. Your team was outcoached and you were exposed as a fraud.

    You overlooked nothing but reality. You were filled with yourselves and your opponent took all of your best shots and smashed you in the face with them.

    You need to learn how to play QB, lame.

  2. What a joke. You were “caught peeking ahead” at the start of the game, but then the Ravens spent 3 quarters knowing they were in a fight and simply being ineffective and failing to keep up.

    Scoring 6 points in the second half isn’t being caught by surprise – it’s being not good enough!

    Answers like these insult your opponent twice: first by underestimating them, then by implying that you somehow allowed them to win. The Titans were better in every way that day.

  3. You didn’t get caught peeking ahead. You lost 28-12 at home after a bye week. The other team whooped you, top to bottom, from the coaches to the punter.

  4. Now that teams have a full year of tapes on you. You will not run wild again. That is why you lost in playoffs. They exposed your weakness.

  5. Its simple … the team peaked after a long winning streak … happens all the time.

  6. Best team won. I’m peeking ahead to this season when we repeat the victory on 11/22/20. (If games are played at all)

  7. Say what you want about Lamar but he has proven to be better than a lot of other young QBs. Lamar Jackson > Sam Darnold

  8. “We beat ourselves” – ever hear players on losing teams say that?
    No, the other team beat you. They out played you.
    I HATE losing, but it happens. Look at what caused the loss and address it.
    Don’t offer excuses.

    Losing 28-12 at home after a bye week is pretty bad. That’s not just 1 play, they a beating.

  9. Might be good to keep quiet, dude’s really talented but we’ve seen young players have success, get a big head, and needlessly put bigger and bigger targets on their backs. They beat you guys up at your own game and punched you in the mouth.

  10. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    June 16, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Say what you want about Lamar but he has proven to be better than a lot of other young QBs. Lamar Jackson > Sam Darnold


    I agree that Jackson is great and the team is excellent. But it’s a better look to own a loss – the other team was better that day and beat us – than to make excuses.

  11. “Scoring 6 points in the second half isn’t being caught by surprise – it’s being not good enough!”

    Plus 1 on this. When you only score six in the second half your coaches got owned. No adjustments, running the same plays over and over, insanity. Best to just eat it and compliment the other team. Never make excuses for losing. A much better look for you, Lamar.

  12. Force him to make longer throws to the sidelines and keep forcing him running to the sidelines and they only score 12 points.

    If they want to win anything they need for the QB to be able to make all the throws accurately.

  13. As soon as he dismissed their loss “they caught us by surprise, that’s all it was” shows that Lamar Jackson didn’t learn anything and they’ll continue to lose playoff games. The arrogance of the 2010s Packers resulted in playoff loss after playoff loss after that one SB win, because they kept dismissing any loss as a fluke. This also sounds very Vince Young-like. True humility is always the key, don’t dismiss your losses as slipping on a banana peel Lamar.

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