NFL tweets ESPN clip of Commissioner talking about Colin Kaepernick

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Earlier tonight, the NFL used its Twitter megaphone to broadcast to 25.3 million followers the recent sentiments of Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Colin Kaepernick.

“Well, listen, if he wants to resume his career in the NFL, then obviously it’s gonna take a team to make that decision,” Goodell told ESPN on Monday. “But I welcome that, support a club making that decision, and encourage them to do that.”

Publicly stating that he encourages a team to sign Kaepernick and privately twisting arms to get him signed are two different things. Backroom deals, as previously mentioned, happen all the time. If the league and/or Goodell truly wanted Kaepernick on a team, it already would be done.

Maybe a nudge from Goodell isn’t needed. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before a team realizes that there’s an actual business benefit, both from a football and a non-football perspective, to having Kaepernick on the roster. He’s better than plenty of backup quarterbacks, he instantly would have the highest-selling jersey in all of sports, the team that signs him would immediately gain a national following, and the coach, executive, and/or owner who makes it happen would be regarded as a modern-day Branch Rickey.

Maybe Goodell is, for now, giving the teams a chance to figure that out on their own. If they don’t, it wouldn’t be difficult for Goodell to get one of the NFL’s 32 teams to take one for the team, especially since there are plenty of things that could be promised to that team by the league office in order to get the deal done.

40 responses to “NFL tweets ESPN clip of Commissioner talking about Colin Kaepernick

  1. The team that signs Kaep will discover precisely how many vocal bigots comprise their fan base.

  2. The pig socks are now revered and looked at as being ahead of his time. Statues of Kaepernick should start being erected all across America here soon.

  3. Will someone please directly ask Kaepernick if he is going to accept a backup quarterback contract. People keep pushing for a team to sign Kaepernick but no one knows what kind of contract he is willing to play for. It would seem that the contract Kaepernick is willing to play for would be somewhat important in signing him.

  4. You have to be a lot better player than Kaepernick to put up with the baggage that comes with him. Sorry, reality is reality.

  5. This is a ridiculous situation. Spend 200 million and you get an American War Hero and Top 5 NFL QB…. this is a no-brainer. Want an American Hero leading your team? Yes, please. Want a top 5 QB to take your team to the SB? Yes, please. I just hope it’s not Belichick that makes the move and snags another 5 SB in NE after jettisoning Tommy “the cheater” Brady.

  6. Or not…to all of your theories on popularity, jersey sales and branch rickey.

    Drop that (rickey) by the way…marion motley and bill willis both played professionally (in major sports leagues) prior to jackie robinson and kenny washington or marcus strode on 9/6/46.

    Paul Brown was the real hero.

  7. I find it ironic that the same people who are laying in the streets protesting during the day are the same ones protesting about not given equal opportunity for jobs. Get off the pavement and go handout your resume. Oh wait…..

  8. Is Rodger Gooodell also trying to get Cam Newton signed? What about Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow?

  9. Who wants to sign a gimmick quarterback who’s been out of the league for years and was benched for Blaine gabbert after defenses figured him out? Oh not too mention the circus that comes with it all for a guy who CABT PLAY QB in the nfl.. Let the bidding war begin!!!

  10. Does Kapernick want to be signed as a PR gimmick? Something tells me he has more pride than that.

  11. The NFL commissioner has absolute plenary authority to penalize wrongdoing. He needs to exercise that authority and order every owner and upper team management to seminars that teach them how to remedy their ongoing bias, discrimination, and prejudices — by doing far more than just listen. One such place to send them is the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence.

  12. Pseudo revolutionary Guy should have lost his job for protesting at work like everyone else in the world. That is If we’re going to be about equality.

  13. Just talking straight football, we have a guy who has been out of the league 2+ years. So normally someone maybe might take a chance on a camp arm, worse case. Best case, you’ve got a backup or best-best case someone who can one day be a starter you could trade out.

    But who wants to get a camp arm who (rightly or wrongly) will affect ticket sales for a team and create a lot of commotion for what might just be a camp arm? It’s Vegas odds, baby, and they’re not looking good.

    No thanks. He’s in a catch-22.

  14. This is a lot of attention for a QB that never had better than the 29th ranked passing offense and has been out of the league for years.

  15. Kaepernick is an American Hero. The NFL is catching on. Finally.
    NASCAR learned quicker, but the NFL is slowly coming around

  16. This is getting so ridiculous. Never in the league history has this type of action been taken for any player! Kap is poison on and off the field. For a washed up QB, he has done pretty good for himself with the NFL settlement and the Nike money. Many millions were given to him for protesting. Makes sense in today’s upside down world.

  17. yaz67 says:
    June 17, 2020 at 5:56 am

    Goodell makes Rob Manfred look competent.


    No, he doesn’t

  18. Kapernick lost his starting job to Blaine gabbert BEFORE the kneeling started. End of story.

  19. Well Kaep has about one month to sign a deal to be on a training camp roster.

    Best case a Winston deal…reality a roster spot going into camp.

  20. This is a fairly empty gesture at this point. Teams are unlikely to sign Kaepernick because he’s been out of the league for too long and might be too expensive.

    It also doesn’t mean that Kaepernick isn’t blacklisted anymore.

  21. If he’s so good and would boost any team, why would the league need to twist anyone’s arm?

  22. footballismybusiness says:
    June 16, 2020 at 8:24 pm
    The team that signs Kaep will discover precisely how many vocal bigots comprise their fan base.


    They will also discover that Kaep has absolutely no idea how to read a defense

  23. If Kaepernick is signed before Cam Newton, the NFL will officially have become a joke. If anyone thought Kaepernick could help their team win games, he would have been signed. Other players who kneel during the anthem are on teams because they can play. I hope someone signs Kaepernick just so we can find out once and for all if he should have been signed.

  24. What Roger is really trying to say is “Whoever signs Kaeperkick, we will make sure the calls go your way”

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