As clock ticks toward training camp, many questions remain

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The coronavirus, if you haven’t noticed or if you listen to charlatans in the media for which there hopefully will be a special place in hell, continues to spread through the American population, with plenty of states experiencing summertime surges in cases. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking loudly toward the scheduled opening of NFL training camps.

Ken Belson of the New York Times has taken a close look at the various concerns and dynamics as it relates to coexisting with a virus that can and will enter NFL facilities and stadiums, that can and will spread among players and coaches, and that can and will eventually make a player or a coach extremely ill, or worse. As noted by Belson, the league and the NFL Players Association have not yet figured out how 32 teams with up to 90 players on each roster will be able to show up for preseason practices.

Yes, the league sent a memo on June 7 to all teams with protocols for access to restricted areas, like locker rooms, practice fields, and sidelines on game day. But it has been widely underreported or flat-out ignored that the NFLPA quickly told its constituents that the union had agreed to none of those rules; Belson reports that, on Monday, the union told agents that there are still no guidelines for testing protocols or rules for player distancing and equipment. Throw in the fact that Ravens coach John Harbaugh publicly has said that it will be “humanly impossible” to comply with the protocols, and the league currently has a mess.

Complicating matters are the ongoing surges in places like Arizona, Florida, and Texas. (And, yes, if you’re listening to the corona charlatans, you may be surprised to read that.) The league wants to open all camps at the same time, and the league has mandated that all teams must remain in their own facilities. What if, by late July, states like Arizona, Florida, and/or Texas are in a full lockdown?

Some believe that anyone who asks these questions is rooting against football season happening. To the contrary, we want to be sure that the right questions are asked and the right answers are being identified — especially since every answer seems to lead to five more questions.

There’s no question about this: Late July is looming. And if the NFL has a solid handle on what’s going to happen when it’s time to go to training camp, the NFL is doing a great job of keeping media and fans from concluding that it does.

17 responses to “As clock ticks toward training camp, many questions remain

  1. NFL 2020- No one at the games because of Covid. No one watching at home because of kneeling. I thought I would never be interested in the XFL…hmmm.

  2. The rush to re-open the economy in some states, against the advice of medical experts, is going to be a problem for the NFL. The season may be jeopardized because of that.

  3. Who doesn’t see the NFL trying to play ending up in a train wreck. I doubt they make it past training camp…

  4. Time to social distance from the NFL. Too much politics in and outside of the organization,
    a corona virus boomerang, spoiled athletes and owners, media that continues to offer a free platform and then offers up opinions on non football related issues, cost of attending games, and just all the drama.

  5. Hate to be pessimistic – but I think a more accurate headline would be “As clock ticks toward the NFL realizing this probably isn’t going to work at all, many questions remain.”

  6. Do not forget California which is now the epicenter with an avg. of 3500 new cases per day for the last month compared to the former epicenter New York which has been avg 600 new cases per day now in that same time span.

    We all know it will get shut down at some point, do the right thing and prep for 2021.

  7. Lots of distractions now with BLM and people doing the summer things. But the virus doesn’t care. And when we get to Fall and there’s no MLB and playoffs, and no NFL will make it very, it’ll be hard to deny–again

  8. Living without baseball (which I enjoy almost as much as the NFL) hasnt been hard at all. I think it will be the same with football. Id rather see sports, but Im surviving pretty easily without them.

  9. It’s possible they may to try to start training camp and the season in some manner, though with no fans.

    Most of the players are young and relatively healthy, so even if they get the novel coronavirus, most will recover. But what about older coaches and other team personnel? Or relatives of the players/team personnel that are older or have an underlying condition?

    I don’t think there’s a solution to that, other than masks and social distancing which are impossible if you want to practice and play actual football.

    I was optimistic on a full season. I’m a little less so now. We’ll know more in a month I guess.

  10. Realize the NFL has issues, but this is nothing compared with what people are going to face in real life.

  11. I worry about Andy Reid and his pre-existing conditions. I wonder if they can devise a bubble from which he can coach.

  12. Harbaugh makes a good point. The NFL I’m sure has considered it and changes will be made accordingly.
    If teams can’t get together for training camp that will be a game changer

  13. It is time for the NFL to be shut down until there is a vaccine. The Government needs to ban the game to make sure no one can congregate like that.

  14. Unfortunately there will not be a season which is horrible for the Redskins as they were poised to win with the Super Bowl this with Chase Young terrorizing NFL quarterbacks. For that same reason, the NFC East QB’s really dodged a bullet. Can you imagine what it would be like having Chase Young come after you two times a fall?!!? Dak, Carson, Jones avoided a serious beating. They should be counting their lucky stars that the season is going to be cancelled.

  15. No season no big deal all lives matter and our lives are more important then any sport let’s tcb in this country then worry about pastimes.

  16. Yea… the spike is clearly because states are re-opening too fast, and nothing else. Right.

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