Colts working on ball security issues with Jonathan Taylor

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Colts running backs coach Tom Rathman hasn’t been able to work with second-rounder Jonathan Taylor in person yet, but Taylor already knows what his point of emphasis is going to be.

After an offseason of Zoom meetings, Taylor knows that Rathman has an eye on his ball security issues, and points out where he can improve in minute detail.

“Especially now, through these Zoom meetings, there’s nothing you can really do besides you’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to record, you’ve got to show him film,” Taylor said, via Joel Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “I want those coaching points, so I’m doing everything in my power to get those coaching points without physically being there in his presence.”

Taylor was an incredibly productive back at Wisconsin, with the only flaw a bit of a fumbling issue. In 968 touches, he fumbled 18 times. By contrast, Colts backs the last two years had seven fumbles in 912 touches.

“We’ve talked about our four points of pressure, the way we carry the football,” Rathman said. “He can improve the way he carries the football, and just looking at film, he understands that. . . .

“I don’t really think there’s going to be an issue there. I think it will get corrected with the development of just basic fundamentals. We harp on it every day.”

If the Colts can get the issue fixed, Taylor could prove to be an immediate boost to the running game, alongside (or eventually instead of) Marlon Mack. But that means focusing on the basics now, before he ever steps on the field.

4 responses to “Colts working on ball security issues with Jonathan Taylor

  1. Rathman was a great football player and is an excellent running back coach. Colts lucky to have him.

  2. touchback6 says:
    June 17, 2020 at 8:24 am
    A probable bust. Is there a more strangely hyped team than this one?


    Care to show us where the strange hype is? The only hype I’ve seen is an improved running game behind a dominant OLine.

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