Eddy Pineiro ready to compete to keep Bears’ kicking job

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Kicking has been an adventure in Chicago in recent years, and although Eddy Pineiro won the job and kept it for the entire season in 2019, he’s not taking it for granted that he’ll keep the job in 2020.

The Bears signed kicker Ramiz Ahmed to compete with Pineiro in training camp, and Pineiro is ready to have to prove himself worthy of keeping the job.

“As far as them signing him, I obviously expected it,” Pineiro told Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune. “Everybody has to compete. That’s just part of that.”

One advantage Pineiro has is that he’s been working this offseason with the Bears’ punter and holder, Pat O'Donnell, and turning those workouts into a competitive environment.

“Me and Pat don’t just go in and just kick some balls — we kind of have a set game plan,” Pineiro said. “’Like, ‘OK, we’re going to do this last-second field goal at the end of practice’ or ‘We’re going to manipulate the wind or hit the ball this way for it to go this way.’ Stuff like that. We work on a lot of details. . . . We’re going to kick more kicks on the left hash and kick more kicks on the right hash, just different scenarios. We try to put ourselves in the most in-game, real situations as we possibly can.”

Bears fans will hope Pineiro can remove any doubt that he’s the right kicker for the job.

14 responses to “Eddy Pineiro ready to compete to keep Bears’ kicking job

  1. The best thing the Bears can do is leave this kid alone. Yes, give him a camp competition,but leave him be. He’s proven himself.

  2. If they play with no fans in the stands, Pineiro may have a leg up (pun intended) by way of Nagy’s oft-panned “Augusta silence” kicking drill from last year’s camp. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

  3. Don’t make me pretend to care about who’s kicking for the 28th team in the league.

  4. Pineiro has exceptional mechanics. His weight transfer is seamless with little to no wasted motion. While a lot of kicking is obviously mental, as a baseline you need a kicker with sound fundamentals and Pineiro offers textbook form. I suspect he will be one of the better kickers in the NFC for the next five years.

  5. Poor Bears, they had a locked in kicker for years and they let him go to San Fran.

    Bears have the best defense in our division, if Foles can get that offense to be productive the Bears can easily be in the playoffs again. The certainly dominate the Lions and Vikings, but still struggle with QB#1 in the NFCN.

  6. So will Nagy over-emphasize this position again this year, or completely ignore it like he did in 2018? Doesn’t really matter as this team won’t be getting too many chances to score this year.

  7. So there’s one Bear whose ready to compete for his job. Hope there are at least another 52 of these posts ready for the other Bears players. Too bad he’s only needed once per game unless the offense gets it in gear.

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