Kareem Jackson tests positive for COVID-19

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Broncos safety Kareem Jackson is the latest NFL player to test positive for COVID-19.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Jackson has tested positive, and has “cold-like symptoms, but expects to make a full recovery.”

The 32-year-old Jackson joins teammate Von Miller, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and Rams center Brian Allen as known cases of the virus among players, though other members of the Cowboys and Texans have.

His diagnosis is a particular concern since he was one of the Broncos players to march in Denver to protest racial inequality and police brutality earlier this month, in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Whether Jackson contracted the virus during that time is unclear, but the danger of large gatherings has been made clear by the CDC. That underscores the reality that when training camps open, there will be more positive tests, as teams bring up to 90 players plus coaches and staff togther.

18 responses to “Kareem Jackson tests positive for COVID-19

  1. Get better soon Kareem! The Broncos secondary is already average and without him they’d be downright awful.

  2. Feel bad for him and hope for a full recovery. Kareem is really good guy. Putting aside the political considerations, simply from a humanitarian standpoint, I also hope things turn out okay with that 19.000 person auditorium rally in Tulsa. That event is the first large scale indoor event since COVID on the scene and the risks are enormous.

  3. these morons aren’t even in camp yet


    no way there can be a season with such stupidity

  4. Chances are he will be ok. Hopefully he didn’t accidentally spread it to someone who is compromised. Hope he recovers fully.

  5. The numbers are going to go up. We are 2 weeks plus removed from the larger protest. Get ready for locks downs and toilet paper shortages….again.

  6. Can’t see a season finishing when guys are already getting it and they aren’t on the field or in locker rooms or near each other. You think teammates will all be perfectly fine with playing after another teammate has tested positive? Not likely. It’s easy for Goodell to say the season will be all business as usual but a lot of players will refuse to show up to protect themselves from spreading this to their families.

  7. I’ll never understand the mentality of the morons who down vote positive or sympathetic posts.

    The world is turning into a giant toilet bowl.Sad.

  8. If I am the broncos, I send all my sub 300 lb guys to Kareems house and get them all infected now. Hopefully they will be immune when the season starts and a) won’t get sick again and b) won’t spread the infection to the big boys who can get really sick with covid.

  9. According to twitter, he is feeling “OK, with MINOR symptoms”. Stop me if you’ve heard this before! We will be ok. Can’t put life on hold forever.

  10. Hope he does well but reality likely is that enough of these players are going to get infected at training camp that at least some get really sick with career ending disabilities. Unfortunately that is likely what it will take for the NFL to get the message that it is just not worth it for a contact sport to proceed without a vaccine.

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