Kyler Murray will kneel for the national anthem

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has found his voice.

The second-year quarterback had much to say Wednesday about social injustice and police brutality. He is hopeful change is happening.

“I hope so, first of all,” Murray said in a video call with reporters, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “My generation, we’re so diverse. . . . My parents’ generation grew up in segregated times, and now it’s all coming together. I feel like it’s tough, but I do feel like we’ll see change.

“There is a lot of hate in this world, but at the same time, what’s happening and what we’re seeing right now, it’s huge. I don’t condone rioting and stuff like that, but the peaceful protests I think they’re great. They’re amazing. I think that’s just the start of it. . . . Whether it takes years, I feel like we’re getting there. At least we’re making a step toward it.”

Murray made it clear he will show his support of the protests by kneeling for the national anthem this season.

“I’ll be kneeling,” Murray said, via Kyle Odegard of the team website. “I stand for what’s right. That’s the bottom line. I call it like I see it. What’s been going on is completely wrong. I’ll definitely be taking a knee.”

33 responses to “Kyler Murray will kneel for the national anthem

  1. Might as well cancel the Anthem. It’s going to be about who kneels and nothing else.

  2. Now that the NFL isn’t going to try to twist this into something it isn’t, maybe some of the fans will join in. I’m not holding my breath, though. This is about systematic change for a system that has been able to cover up its racist behavior. It’s no different than the way the catholic church covered up its pedophile problem for years and years. The majority of police and priests are good people. The problem is that both systems cover up their bad behavior from the top down rather than address and punish it. Both groups have way too many self-righteous people at the top that are more worried with appearance than their oath and duty.

  3. First become a good player THEN your words and actions will carry more weight.
    If he ends up being just average, this could be used against him in a few years.

  4. Best way to resolve this is to no longer play the national anthem before (or during) the game.

    Then the players that want to protest can do it on their OWN time…not while they’re at WORK.

  5. I support Kyler Murray and I’m glad that he’s doing this, but I’m looking for the white quarterbacks around the league to step up and show their support. It’s not about flag and it’s not about the military; it’s about solidarity with your fellow human beings. I’ve never been a Baker Mayfield fan, but he earned my respect by making his stance clear. I implore everyone to “take a knee” and see the world for what it is. We have the ability to do what’s right.

  6. The NFL is just going to pull the rug out from underneath this nonsense and either not play the anthem or not air it on TV. Shameful.

  7. We’re past the tipping point where it’s just social conditioning now – it means less. Funny how that works. Now someone who *doesn’t* join in will get the questions and be a pariah.

    In a way it’s progress, and in a way it’s just a different control mechanism settling in.

    Maybe real progress will be when we move past things being defined by control mechanisms.

  8. Majority are going to kneel, then the media will blast anyone who does not kneel.

  9. First become a good player THEN your words and actions will carry more weight.
    Heisman winner? First pick in NFL draft? NFL offensive rookie of the year?

  10. The media is going to love this, forget about the game that all these wannabe sports announcers will talk about the whole game is who kneeled and who didn’t

  11. “Best way to resolve this is to no longer play the national anthem before (or during) the game.”

    No the best way to “resolve this” is to end systemic police violence against POC and stop normalizing racism and hate speech.

    Which is no easy thing but simply not playing the anthem changes nothing.

  12. How about we just don’t play the National Anthem anymore at sporting events.

  13. It’s funny how playing of the national anthem before a game is not political. But kneeling during the national anthem is political. It seems to defy reason. But here we are.

  14. Y’all need to stop fussing about what happens during the anthem before a game…. there’s bigger things in life to worry about. Like what’s happening in the streets.

  15. Doesn’t matter who kneels. It only matters how they play.
    Unless they’re closing the gates, rest rooms and concessions to empty the concourse and get people to their seats so EVERYONE can stand for the anthem, then making it an issue for players is just BS.

  16. I won’t be tuning in to see Kyler Murray, or any other player kneel during the anthem

    – Many NFL Fans

  17. Murray says “the peaceful protests are great”. Funny, I haven’t seen any of those in years. All protests end up with free TVs for everyone.

  18. No one’s going to kneel because they won’t be playing football this fall

  19. Q: How many people sitting at home by themselves or watching the game at a bar stand properly when the anthem is played ?

    A: Few, if any…

  20. If he feels so strongly about it why didn’t he kneel last year then? These guys are all just jumping on the bandwagon and trying to get attention for themselves….

  21. electricboogalo says:
    June 17, 2020 at 4:30 pm
    He has the right to. I’m glad to see this become normalized.


    Not standing for the Anthem shouldn’t be normalized.

  22. Just play the Anthem before the players come thru the freaking tunnel. Then have a moment of silent prayer for the ones who have lost their lives for our freedom before the kickoff.

    Win-win for everyone.

  23. I support any and all players who kneel but I think a lot of them can do MUCH more for the black community as a whole if they are truly concerned and not just looking for good publicity.

  24. I want the National Anthem to stop being played before sporting events. Players, coaches, officials, umpires, referees and especially fans have shown disrespect for the Anthem and our flag for years. This is nothing new.
    So please NFL — do those of us who love our flag and our Anthem a huge favor and stop playing it before games so these morons can kneel and show disrespect for it.
    The NFL is suppose to be a game for fans to enjoy so they can forget about all their problems for about 4 hours. The NFL is not supposed to be a political hot potato for people with an agenda to further their cause — whatever it may be.
    I am sick and tired of all this crap and I am becoming sick and tired of the NFL. I have been a huge NFL since before Kaepernick’s parents were born. But players like him are making me sick and tired of this game.

  25. If all of them start kneeling, it will become passe and no one will pay any attention to what they are doing. But I’ll have quit watching it anyway.

  26. “Ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to remain seated and keep your hats on for our national anthem.”

  27. That’s one of the problems in this world, people waste too much energy being butt hurt by what another grown man does during the anthem.

  28. It’s so funny to see people comment, “just don’t play the national anthem then”

    People will ask for and do any and everything they can instead of addressing what we are trying to convey to the world. ENOUGH

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