Sean McDermott: Depth has to be strong this year due to COVID-19

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There are many questions left to answer about how the NFL will mount their 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing that most people agree on is that teams are going to have players test positive once they are back at work.

How to isolate those players and best prevent the spread around the locker room will be on the list of things for teams to deal with this summer and fall. Bills head coach Sean McDermott noted on Wednesday that they’ll also have to be sure that they have strong enough depth to keep playing despite the absence of players.

“The reality of this year is, what happens if said player comes down with the virus? You need to have depth . . . We need to make sure the depth is what we need it to be,” McDermott said, via Joe Buscaglia of

McDermott isn’t the only coach thinking about these possibilities. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians recently floated the idea of keeping a third quarterback on the roster and away from the team so that he’d be healthy if needed for games and we’ll likely hear more approaches to an unusual situation as the 2020 season gets closer.

2 responses to “Sean McDermott: Depth has to be strong this year due to COVID-19

  1. This season is going to be a clown show (if they somehow manage to have a season). If they play and your starting QB gets infected your team’s season is pretty much a wrap.

  2. Delusional, these coaches and owners think an extra 15 or so more players will cover those that get the virus. Look at the recent results of younger people that go into a bar and more than 1/2 get the virus. Forget about a locker room, training room, video room with full exposure to coaches, trainers, and all those involved. The Browns for instance have hired so many position coaches and have a whole new staff. That’s dangerous. Further, at the QB position there is a major drop off between a starter and potential third string. Wish it wasn’t true, but can’t see how there is football (a contact sport) without a vaccine.

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