Alfred Williams hasn’t heard from Mike Gundy

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On Wednesday, former NFL and Colorado defensive standout Alfred Williams repeated a claim first made in 1989 — that Oklahoma State coach (then Oklahoma State quarterback) Mike Gundy used racial slurs during a game between Buffaloes and the Cowboys.

On Thursday, Williams told Sean Keeler of the Denver Post that Williams hasn’t heard from Gundy.

“I’ve heard from teammates that I haven’t heard from in 25-plus years that were on the field during that time that said, ‘I can recall the exact same thing,’” Williams told the Post. “Why would I make up a story about a guy on a team that we just beat? We were moving on to the next team, to play for a national championship. Why would I make that up?”

On Wednesday evening, Williams told Jacob Unruh of the Oklahoman that Williams doesn’t want Gundy to be fired, but that Williams only wants an apology.

I want an apology from him and I want to see him have some growth,” Williams said. “If he denies that he said [that], I have at least 20 people who will vouch for what happened that day.”

Gundy issued a denial after the allegations first surfaced, following the 41-17 Colorado win. He has not addressed the issue since it resurfaced, and Oklahoma State declined a request for comment from the Oklahoman.

Gundy’s comments from 1989 came to light after a controversy emerged earlier this week regarding a photograph of Gundy wearing a One American News T-shirt. After multiple OSU players reacted publicly and negatively to the T-shirt, Gundy issued a pair of videos, one that didn’t contain an apology and one that did. In the second video, Gundy said that he was “disgusted” by OAN’s attitude toward the Black Lives Matter movement.