Anthony Lynn: “It’s time to speak up and speak out”

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The Chargers are wrapping up their virtual offseason program Thursday, and their offices will be closed tomorrow to mark the Juneteenth holiday.

They didn’t put out a statement specifically saying that, but Lindsey Thiry of mentioned it. That’s actually fairly consistent with the way coach Anthony Lynn has handled recent weeks, beginning with his response to the death of George Floyd, in which he said he wanted to do more than put out a statement.

So he’s willing to use his platform to full advantage, to bring awareness to police brutality and systemic racism in this country.

“It’s time to speak up and speak out and not be silent about this anymore,” Lynn said, via the team’s official website.

Lynn joined a protest march in Huntington Beach on May 31, brought a judge in to talk to his players, and this week he talked to Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey about police reform. He’s also had a number of conversations with police officers about the need for accountability, and some frank conversations about race with the team.

“I believe I have a responsibility to help my community wherever I’m at, and just to help people in general,” Lynn said. “Like I said earlier, it’s time to speak up and stand for something. What’s going on in our country right now has been going on far too long. . . .

“I believe our team is closer now, and we just took a negative and turned it into a little bit of a positive for us because I believe it’s brought us closer together. We have a better understanding of one another, and when they do get back together then I think that’s when you’re going to see the chemistry with our team.”

If it has any impact on the football team, that’s good, but Lynn’s doing the more important work for his community as well.

9 responses to “Anthony Lynn: “It’s time to speak up and speak out”

  1. I will tell you what time it is. It is time for you to look for another job, because I am pretty sure you are on the hot seat.

  2. Can we move from this stuff being like 3 out of every 4 articles to maybe 1 out of every 4?

  3. Coach Lynn, doing the work, displaying courage, stepping up and making a positive difference. You go Coach.

  4. A coach on his way out, because he’s vastly underachieved in his job, is making political statements. I guess with how they’re treating that guy that kneeled, speaking out now equals job security.

  5. You can speak up and speak out if your for the movement lol what a joke … reminds me of politics has anyone actually admitted that hey that guy does have a better idea we should work together on that . Nope they would rather sink the country , that’s what I’m mad about … too many educated idiots and not enough people with good common sense running this nation.

  6. Keep talking. I’ve tuned it all out. I’m sick of the whining without any regard for personal responsibility. Do what you will. I’ve now closed my ears and eschewed any concern for your fake contrivance. Those who want to be a victim will do everything they can to remain one.

  7. I hope during this time to talk and speak up that it’s also time to come up with reasonable, attainable Solutions & suggestions to help correct social injustices.

  8. Anthony Lynn is a little late to the party. Are we going to have a few players and coaches that bring this up every other day till the season starts and beyond? It’s their right to do so, but lost is the message and it’s getting to be heard that, read that, understand that. If they took a poll on how many of the posters on this board are sick and tired of the political conversations it would be a landslide to stop the reporting of such rhetoric.

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