Brandon Brooks ready to mount another comeback

Getty Images

Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks tore his left Achilles tendon while working out this week and that leaves him at the start of a familiar recovery process.

Brooks tore his other Achilles in the 2018 playoffs and made it back in time to start the season opener last September. He was selected to the Pro Bowl, but didn’t play in that game because of a late-season shoulder injury. He was rehabbing that injury when he tore his Achilles this week.

Those experiences and others leave Brooks feeling like he’s “been to hell and back so many times in my life from different things.” He’s planning on making the round trip again this time.

“When you’ve walked on the dark side so many times, your eyes adjust and you see light when there’s no light,” Brooks said, via “It’s to the point now when I take that lonely walk through hell, I see the devil himself and let him know: ‘I’m back to tear this mfer up once again.’ And for him to say, ‘F—, not this mfer again.’  I welcome s— like this, so I bring it like others want to, what others can’t.”

The Eagles will have to sort out how to replace Brooks on their offensive line in the near term, but he’s dead set on making sure it will be a temporary replacement.