Eagles to close offices for Juneteenth

Getty Images

The Eagles are joining most of the rest of the league in closing their offices for Juneteenth.

According to Dave Zangaro of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com, the Eagles sent out a memo to employees Wednesday outlining the plan.

In their memo, the Eagles said in future years, they planned to participate in social justice and community service events to commemorate the emancipation of slaves after the Civil War.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said earlier this week his priority was listening to his players in the wake of the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests that sparked.

“Me, personally, just the first thing I want to do is listen, listen to my players, listen to the guys that have feelings, have strong beliefs, and I want to understand everything that I can,” Pederson said. “A lot of it is personal, for me, just hearing from the players [and] understanding more and more about what these players go through on a daily basis and what the black community, the African American community, go through on a daily basis. And we are seeing it more and more, not only with sports but obviously in our communities.”

The NFL office announced last week they’d turn June 19 into a holiday, and most teams have followed suit (the remaining ones likely just haven’t made an announcement of it yet).