Hard Knocks’ handling of COVID-19 has not yet been determined

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The NFL has been thrown a curveball in 2020, and it’s unclear whether and to what extent the annual training-camp reality show will delve into the realities of the coronavirus.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily, whether Hard Knocks will include players being tested or the results of the testing remains part of the talks between the NFL and NFL Players Association.

“It’s one of many things that are still to be decided, but from a storytelling standpoint, I can tell you I’m interested in the process — not necessarily the results in particular, peoples’ individual results,” HBO V.P. and senior coordinating producer Ken Rodgers said of the joint Rams/Chargers season that will debut on August 11.

The series will use robotic cameras more extensively than in past year, given the pandemic. Other differences will become obvious as the series unfolds.

“It’s going to be a different Hard Knocks,” Rodgers said. “I don’t really know how’s its going the different, and we’re going to adjust to that.”

Hopefully the series won’t include scenes regarding discussions as to whether football will work during the pandemic and/or cliffhangers based on whether there will even be a next episode.

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