Joe Brady: Teddy Bridgewater makes everybody better

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Teddy Bridgewater has not played as a full-time starter since a career-threatening knee injury in August 2016. But the Panthers saw enough — and knew enough about him — that they signed Bridgewater in free agency as their quarterback of the present and the future.

Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady was an offensive assistant with the Saints when New Orleans acquired Bridgewater from the Jets in August 2018. Brady spent a lot of time with Bridgewater familiarizing the quarterback with the offense.

Now, Brady and Bridgewater are working closely together again.

“Everybody that’s met Teddy Bridgewater, he makes everybody better,” Brady said during a video conference call Thursday, via Myles Simmons of the team website. “We had a day where we had Teddy running the meetings. I think that that’s critical, having a guy that understands a good amount of the system and what we’re doing, but also has an idea of football and being able to explain it and teach it to others.

“I think from a quarterback standpoint, when you’re able to install a play, you’re able to communicate terminology — even if it’s different than what you’ve known in the past — it just shows how valuable you are.”

Bridgewater went 5-0 for the Saints last season with Drew Brees sidelined. In 2015, the last time Bridgewater was a full-time starter, he went 11-5 with the Vikings and earned Pro Bowl honors.

“I knew what we had in Teddy Bridgewater,” Brady said. “I know the type of winning football that he has [played] and is going to play. So I’m excited for him to finally be able to do that again.”

10 responses to “Joe Brady: Teddy Bridgewater makes everybody better

  1. Or does everyone better around Bridgewater make him better?

    His career high in TD passes in a season is 14 and his career QB rating is average at best. Those facts can’t be over looked

  2. i dont really have faith, but if somehow Bridgewater drags this bad panthers team to the playoffs or even above .500, it’ll be a great story. Anything else and itll just be a big contract they’re chained to.

  3. Basically the anti-Kirk. Going to be exciting to see this guy play a full 16 games in a real NFL offense for once.

  4. The Vikings could’ve hung into this guy for the future. It would’ve cost them nothing more than a parking pass and a used Buick.

  5. stellarperformance says:
    June 19, 2020 at 10:45 am
    The Vikings could’ve hung into this guy for the future. It would’ve cost them nothing more than a parking pass and a used Buick.
    Yeah I’m gonna say it. stellarperformance is right. Ugh I feel dirty now!

    I was so upset when we let him go. I was really hoping we might pick him up one of the times he became a free agent again. I feel like the Vikings got sent down a whole different path in the history timeline the day Teddy broke his leg. I thought my buddy was messing with me when he told me about it. Teddy was able to beat the Packers and Kirk hasn’t.

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